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One of the Weirdest Things Happened to Me This Week (Week 42)

January 29, 2012

January 23, 2012

Helllo from Spain,

How are you all doing? I hope its been a good week. Sounds so from
what you all said in your emails. This week has been pretty crazy. I
guess first i should ask that you get me President Hintons
information. Im supposed to get that info to the office. I dont know
if you all know this but this week is transfers. No one asked me thou
so maybe you forgot. But…………………………. Im staying!
crazy right? no i havnt ben here very long so i wasnt surprised at all
but i am recieving a new companion. Whose name is Elder Lyman. And i
am excited to meet him. I dont know anything about him other than that
everyone that does know him says hes quiet.
Well I have to admit one of the wierdest things happened to me this
week. Yesterday we were working and after a long hard week finally
started to reap some blessings and find some people and just after we
finished contacting an area we were working in, one of our new
investigators, Santiago, called us and invited us to come to his
church and in return he would come with us the next week. So after i
counciled with my Leader de Zona, (elder Manning) we told the guy that
that was a fair traid. ha ha. So last night i assistted Christian
Congragation is Spain. An evangelical church that was founded by an
italian in america and is the largest in Brazil and seeing that
Antequera has a lot of brazilian immigrants….lets just say that our
church is definately true. They pray super wierd with everyone
shouting things like Lord, Hossahna, God save me, Blessed Jehova, and
anything else that comes to mind. now notice i used the word shouting
and they dont say anything, they just say that stuff and yell,
everyone kneeling on these super uncomfortable wooden boards. and they
pray for like 10 minutes. they also sing, (Shreik/screem at the top of
thier lungs) 5-10 times in the meeting. the last part was the greatest
as the pastor almost passed out he was screaming so loud (demonically
actualy) and his face blood red. Its called Culto in spanish which is
like sacrament but literally translates to Cult (no surprise there) it
was wierd but now santiago will come with us and we are better
informed on his beliefs and religious foundation. super uncomfortable
tho. just imagine 40 brazilian people and 1 white kid. ha ha. I stood

We do have stake conference coming up in 2 weeks which im excited for.
This branch gets so excited for that stuff cuz they see other people.
Well, lets see detail. We talked to a lady that reads the bible every
day for like an hour or something and she told us she knew every
religion was wrong cuz none coincide so we got all excited thinging
she would be open to hearing our message but when we tried she cut us
off and started yelling at us (not using nice words) and this 80 year
old woman FLIPPED out at us because we tried to invite her to read the
Book of Mormon and so we tried to just leave a passalong card and that
was the last straw. Ha ha it was pretty intense. Im convinced that
shes possesed but my comp thinks she just lost her mind. I made some
great beef strogonof (confused on how to spell that) this week. dont
ask me how cuz i dont know, with out a recipe i threw in onion and
potatoes and cheese and beef and made my noodles and it actually
turned out really good. Im going to make my companion some french
toast today to say good bye to him. tomorrow he is leaving for

Well, My time is almost up. Ask me some more questions. Dad, I want to
know about your areas and your comps and your baptism specifically how
you found them and the process to get them baptized. Also i would like
to ask that some one, whoever wants to writes. me. I only have limited
time on email but i can tell you so much more if you write me letters.
I havnt recieved one letter here in antequera-
C/ carrera Nº36, 1º
29200 Antequera, Malaga.
is my address

Im going through 3 Nefi now in my studies. I hope to finish the Book
of Mormon within 2 weeks or so. I have really gotten into it this time
around. i cant put it down most times. How is your challenge to read
it going?
I hope you all have a great week.
Love You,
ELder Nally

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