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Los Reyes Magos (Week 40)

January 29, 2012
January 9, 2012
Hey Family,
Im sorry to hear that Makenna isnt feeling well. I hope you feel better. I hope you are all happy with your new start of scool. (those of you that have new teachers) YAY!!!! for grandma! Im so excited for her. We will be serving at the same time!!!
So yes, Today i was down in malaga for Pday. The other elders and sisters in our zone and us all met up an went to the castle in malaga and took some cool pictures. It was fun for me to see everyone and talk some english for a little while (since i always speak spanish with my companion here) I will sent you pictures.
So this week was Los Reyes Magos and There was this HUGE parade on Thursday night and we couldnt even walk around or talk to anyone so we just watched it and at the end of the prade the three kings come and throw candy and pastries at all the screaming kids. it was quite the event. They tell the little kids that the kings bring the presents (like they did to jesus). Its just another commercial gig to make money and get more presents but its fun.
Finally, we are out of the holidays and school is bak in session. Im soooo ready for a normal week and to get down to business. We have ben finding alot of people just because all we do all day is ask people if they will listen to our message. Unfortunately alot of the numbers and addresses they give us are fake. I am hoping that a couple of these people will actually stop to listen to us this week and that we will find some new investigators. We are teaching an African guy named Kofi and i teach him in english because he doesnt understand spanish very well. Im making my companion practice the lessons on me in english so he can help ha ha. We also said goodbye to Taly, one of the greatest investigators ive ever had that did everything and was repenting and ready to be baptized but had to return to her home in the canary islands. i sent a reference there and hope to hear from those elders soon so i can send them after her. I am very tired from all of the walking weve been doing lately and our piso sucks the cold into the walls and keeps it there so im afraid my immune system isnt working very well right now. Im starting to get a head cold but i got permission to by our piso a heater and it works like magic. i slept soooo well the last two nights.
One thing i was thinking about that maybe you could send me sometime soon that i would like to have alot is a copy of the movies “The Testaments” and “Joseph Smith: the prophet of the restoration” (i think thats what its called. i refer to the knew one that the church recently released about Joseph Smiths life)
i had those in badajoz but they belong to the branch and they helped a lot to bring the spirit and to have for activities andthings like that. I would love it if you could send me them. I dont know how much they cost but i would imagine not to much and im sure they could be found at deseret.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great start of school and Mom i wish you a happy birthday this week. I am putting a letter in the mail tomorrow but i dont know if it will arrive in time so just know you can expect it soon. And i will end with telling you how awesome Alma and Almulek are in Alma 12-16. Ive been rereading the book of mormon since i finished in december and i am seeing a lot of similarities in the mission of alma to my own. I hope we can all share this gospel of repentance with our friends and loved ones because we never know when there is that one person that is waiting for us specificly. Amulek dropped everything he had to go preach the gospel with Alma. I know there are people like this living amongst us. Let us not be ashamed to invite the neighbors over for a family home evening. If they say no they have at least been givin an invitation and know its important to us. I love you all and wish you a happy week.
Elder Nally
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