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Alma 17: 9-10 (Week 41)

January 29, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hello my dearest loved ones,
Im happy to hear from you and also to hear that Mother Dearest had a happy birthday. It sure sounds like you all had a great first week (or couple weeks of school) Thats really cool that the Wagners are going to serve a mission. I love missions! missions are awesome. Well today i write you from a new locutorio (internet cafe) i like this one better. the one we used to got to closed. the Crisis is taking over. But even though its a bit more of a walk, i am digging the atmosphere. 
Well just an opening thought. i baught a new suit this week and attatched a picture. I am likeing it a lot. I had lost a lot of weight since i baught the last ones and so its nice to have one that fits and its european which makes it that much cooler.
How are tanner and brogan doing. I havnt heard from them in a while. This week has been a good one. I beleive i already told you about my goal to read the book of mormon 4 times this year? well ive been working on that goal. Im running through the middle of alma now and i think i will finish early february at the rate im going. Im enjoying it so much and the teachings of alma and amulek. Such great missionaries and im always surprised by new “packets of light” as Elder Scott would say. Have you all been working on your challenge to read the Book of Mormon? how is it going? I decided that next i will read it in spanish and then i also want to do it again in depth with a special study journal. Also i am studying it just as you are in sunday school and so i hope that this year will be a big testimony builder for me in the Book of Mormon.
This week we had Specialized Training (Zone Conference) and it was amazing. I learned some great things from Elder Manning and his Comp. Elder Fergusen about prayer and how both the missionaries and the investigators have to rely on it in this work. President Clegg as always taught us an amazing lesson about how to be fundamental missionaries and gave me some more goals that i was searching for. One of which is to talk to everyone!!! Ive noticed my contacting abilities shooting up as my love for sharing the gospel has taken off. I absolutely love a good few hours of walking around the street talking to people. At the begging of the mission that was really hard for me. (I was shy) BUT NOW I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! and i shout it from the top of 32 catholic cathedrals in antequera. ha ha.
I also sent off your letter Mom. I hope you get it soon if you dont already have it. Its not super long but i shead a few tears writing it so its meaningful i think.
We did find a couple new people this week. Thier Brazilians. Everyone that listens to us are brazilians. The spaniards are a little bit more cold hearted. But pray for Ges and Santiago as we begin to teach them this week.
I gave my 3rd talk in church in antequera this week at least this time he gave me a couple days notice. the other times i was comfortably sitting in church and he asked me from the pulpit to share my testimony for 15 minutes. ha ha. I talked about reverence and how its not just being quite but understanding the sacred nature of something and appreciating it.

Well it was another week in Antequera. I would say that Alma 17:9-10 summs up how it felt for me.This place, its got a giant catholic church on every corner so i would say its the equivelant of a tiny town in Utah. but in spain….mmhmm not the easiest thing but i love it and am working hard.

well I wish you all a great week and i love you all

con cariño y amor,
Elder Nally

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