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A New Year and Some New Goals (Week 39)

January 29, 2012
January 2, 2012
Well “Hello” for the first time in 2012,
Its a brand new year and im super excited for it. This will be my only full year as a missionary and im ready to be tried and tested and used as a tool in the Lord´s hands. im amazed that its going by so fast. Im already at 9 months this week and that just makes me feel wierd because a lot of times i look at the list of missionaries and im still one of the youngest on the list. There havnt been many new missionaries since i got in the field but for that there is a huge group coming in this next transfer.
This week was a lot like last one and like dad said i am happy that “most” of the holidays are over. There is a huge holiday in spain called Reyes Magos (Magic Kings) that celebrates the coming of the wise men to the savior and bringing him gifts. They use this more than christmas to give gifts to the children. there are huge parades and parties and all sorts of celebrating so we are prepard forone more hard week and THEN back to normal. Its been a lot of work searching and we honestly havent found too many people but i just know that the lord has someone waiting and we are going to find them.
In spain, on new years eve the clock tks 12 times at midnight and for each dong, everyone puts one grape in thier mouth. the trick is eating it fast enough before you have the next one of they just add up. and the other trick is that all the grapes here have seeds in them. Ha ha. We did it at 11 oclock because w had to be back inside our pisos. and i aswell was asleep before midnight but if anything i have done a LOT of thinking this week about goals and what they are and what they do for us. Im setting some high goals for myself this year and i hope they stretch me and make me better.
Elder Mendoza baught a harmonica this week. I have been teaching him a few things. he carries it everywhere. its actually kind of cute. (hes playing it this very second)
Today we are going to try and do some sight seeing. even though its very cold outside. I am excited to take some good pictures because i still have like none of antequera. I also missed 15 days without writing in my journal and thats a record for me. i caught up yesterday. Its a lot of fun fo rme to go back and see where i was3 or 6 mon ago to where i am now. The mission sure changes you a lot. i am learning so many great things here. Well I hope you are all having a great last week of break except for those that have to start this week. To you i wish a great new start of school and hope that all is well at home. I love you all so much
Hasta la siguiente
Elder Nally
I made some mexican salsa this week. and my equatorian companion approved.

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