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“We’re Gonna Double It” (Week 37)

December 29, 2011
Happy week before Christmas.
It´s Been a LOOOOONG week and there is so much to tell you. You had a lot of questions.
First off i wish you all luck who are playing soccer and basketball and piano and any other extra curricular activities you do. I pray for you all to do well and i hope you do. I just love hearing about all the stuff and when you win and score and all that stuff. I look forward to talking to you all about it in 6 DAYS!!!!
This last Monday i spent packing and cleaning and getting ready to go. I didnt really do anything super fun and then Monday and Tuesday was all “good bye citas” it was super hard to tell people i wouldnt see them for a long time and they all ask “well when are you coming back” and i dont know what to tell them. It was super hard saying goodbye to The Martinez Family and Juan Luis and Lidia who all ate together with us (Carne Asada Tacos from Mexico mmmmm) So on Wednesday morning i got up earlier than usual and we dragged all my bags through the cold and rain and got me to the bus station where i had to purchase a ticket to sevilla and when i got there the Sevilla zone leaders were waiting to pick me up and take me to the Train station and dropped me and my bags there. again, i barely made my train. when i got to malaga Elder Fergusen and Manning were waiting for me with my new comp Elder Mendoza and they put us on a bus to Antequera (which i came through on my train and caught a sneek peek) and then we got here at about 8 at night and came all the way across town to put my bags in the piso and then went out for an hour to contact and meet 2 of our members (which is half of our branch) They are José and Rosa and are the sweetest old couple ive ever seen. Super powerful testimonies and super kind, still in love and they just love having the elders over. they are 80 something. This week was a lot of meeting people and our investigators and at church our Branch President Rodriguez and his wife wasnt there cuz her health is failing and she is sick. They also are in the high 70s. so seeing as how we had the stake councilman over missionary work there this week (its wierd being back in a stake again. in badajoz the branch is under Presidents cleggs direction) we were 6 people in church. the capilla is no bigger than mine and tanners and brogans rooms with the laundry room. There is one small bathroom and two small rooms for Kids and then adults. It is super cool being in so small of a branch. We’re gonna double it at least, if not triple it.
Elder Mendoza is super cool. we get along great and he teaches me so much. He is the first group of missionaries to recieve a 12 week training and so technically im finishing his training but he had such a good trainer (the ex-AP) and he already knows what hes doing that i dont really have to worry about anything. Honestly he is way better at missionary work than i am cuz he speaks the language ha ha. Our piso was absolutely disgusting when i got here. all morning we have been cleaning it. it will be a few week process to get it how i want it but at least now all the dust is gone floors and bathroom and kitchen are clean and its semi organized. I had to make a lot of runs to the trash so i would have room for my unpacked bags. now im finally unpacked and settling in.
We have one investigator with a baptism date. his name is Darío and his wife Gloria had one as well not too long ago. the date is for the first of january but we might change that to try and get the whole family. Plus in spain new years eve is huge and nobody will have slept that night.
Antequera is smaller than Badajoz but not as small as i imagined. Im super excited to be here and starting to figure out the streets and dirrections. In spain, the streets are never north and south and east and west like in the states. when we walk at night i ALWAYS lose my direction but it will come with a little more time.
I will be expecting your call around 5 on christmas. if you want to call a little earlier you can, i will be there with the phone waiting. and my comp will finish before 4 oclock
Well Im super excited to be here and i love you all so much. I baught a half sized guitar for 40€ brand new which is a steal. its not the best guitar in the world but it works and sounds good and im so happy to have it. i play a few songs every night before i go to bed. ha ha. CHRISTMAS DAY I WILL PLAY ALL DAY LONG!!!!
Well i think i answered all your questions. if not we will talk this week.
I love you all super duper a lot and ps thank you kaitlyn for the lovely email. I as well am super animado to talk to you all this week. Que os pasa una buenisima semana y disfrutaos de los festivos.
Os Quiero
cariño de españa
Elder Nally
Juan Luis and Lidia
Elder Walton
Cool picture of Elder Nally.
Elder Long
Creepy picture of new companion Elder Mendoza from Equador.
Brother Martinez. The following pictures are of the Martinez family (Trevor says a few weren’t there, so he doesn’t have pictures).

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