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First Christmas! (Week 38)

December 29, 2011
We got to call Elder Nally Christmas morning and talked to him for 2 HOURS!! It was amazing. I have the greatest big brother in the entire world–and I hear he is an awesome missionary =] He is doing great and we (and many people in Spain) are so blessed for the work he is doing for the Lord. I wish you could have all listened in on the phone call because it was truly awesome, but unfortunately, you only get this short, yet powerful letter:
Hey everyone!
It sure was great to hear from you all last night and I hope that you all have tons of fun with all your new stuff. But please dont forget the most important present ever given. The Fathers Only Begotten Son. Sent to save us from our own fallen state. I´ve been studying The Gospels this month as i started to think about the Saviour and all the great things he did for us. I am learning so much from his example and thinking of ideas of things i need to do to change and be a better missionary. I am excited for this next year and the miracles and experiences that lie ahead. I have a lot o excitement every year as this time rolls around and the holidays pass and its like a brand new start.
This week is going to be a lot of hard work and im excited for it. Let me know if you have any questions. Ill just finish letting you know how greatful i am for you all and your letters and prayers and all of the great memories i have of you all. Happy New Years!
Elder Nally
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