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Hello, Antequera! (Week 36)

December 12, 2011


Muchas Gracias to everyone for the packages that i recieved today and for the sweet things everyone had to say in thier videos. It makes me very excited to talk to you all in a couple weeks. Its a good thing you sent the cd because i couldnt get anything else to work in any other way and that was my last resort.
So i guess you all would like to hear the news about where im going. But you will all have to wait until the end of the letter because I want to keep it a big surprise….. just kidding. This week President called me and talked to me for a little while. He thanked me for all my hard work ive been doing here but told the he had bad news. I have to leave Badajoz this week. I will be going to a little pueblo (that means small town out side of the city) of Málaga. It is called Antequera and im an hour away from my new zone leader, ELDER MANNING!!! Im super excited to go down there and be in some warmer weather and in a new area. My new comp is called Elder Mendoza and is a native missionary so that means MY SPANISH IS GOING TO IMPROVE 10 FOLD!!!!!!! i will be forced to speak in spanish all the time which im so excited for. Also, they are doing some changes down in malaga and i know a lot of the elders there and they are all great. i might even be in Elder Mannings district and see him every single week. Im really excited. Antequera is one of the many of spains “Pueblos Blancos” its a small town where every building is white with a red tile roof and its up in the mountains of malaga. I will be leaving in two days so i started packing today. Im super sad to be leaving Badajoz and Elder Walton, Stowell, and Long but this change just feels right.
Ive already said most of my goodbyes which was really hard and i got some really great pictures with all of the branch members. The hardest good bye has yet to come as tomorrow i eat pure mexican food with Juan Luis and Lidia and Los Martínez together. Thats gonna be super hard as its the two families i am closest to here but it has to happen. I know there are more people waiting for me in Antequera (where they have a branch of 4 active members!!!) Its gonna be super fun.
This week was really crazy as Elder Long had to travel down to malaga for a zone leader conference. He is not a zone leader but because our district is so far away from any other part of the mission, we always recieve mail and packages and information and EVERYTHING late. so, he went and we babysat his companion and then he came back and Elder Stowell went to go do residency stuff on the other side of the country and we babysat Elder Long. so 3 of us tackled all the investigators and a baptism this week which kept us really busy. The Baptism was the man named José Maria, (who i think i told you about) that me and elder manning taught last summer (the boyfriend of isabel tena) he has been coming to church ever since and started to really change his life around and quit all of his addictions. after some repenting he got himself cleaned up and started the discussions again with the other badajoz elders and it was a happy day for me as i got to watch him be baptized. He asked me to confirm him the next day and that just so happend to also be my last day in church here and my last talk. I spoke on the power of example and used many examples from the book of mormon such as nephi and ammon and abinadi to teach my loved ones here about how they all are and can be better examples. 15 recent converts were present. all people i taught and love and they all were crying which of course made me cry. it was a beautiful thing and something i am not ever going to forget. I got really attatched to this place in the 6 and a half months i was here.
Today we did some hard core cleaning in our piso which the health missionaries asked us to do. we also got like 10 packages between all of us and put up a tone of decorations. Im so happy with the packages you sent and i loved everylittle thing. right down to those awesome white chocolate balls. mmmmm.
I also caught up in my journal as i had fallen a few days behind and after this, we are going suit hunting……ha ha. Im gonna try and find a slik european suit for under 50 € which is a grand feat but very possible if you know where to look. Tomorrow is my last day and so many people are calling and inviting us to eat. im afrain i will die of overindulgeance tomorrow as i will eat at least 4 times and probably more. I stitched up some clothing today with my handy dandy stitch kit. and Wednesday morning i leave for a new home. Its kind of wierd not knowing what to expect but im really excited for it.
I was so happy to watch all your videos and the songs and things you all said were beautiful. On Christmas at 5pm there or 9 am there if you will, i will hook up with you guys vía phone. Next week i will send you my phone number and if you want we can try it out for like 3 minutes before christmas just to make sure it works but i wont be able to talk to you. just to make sure it works. also i will send the numbers and instructions of those call cards you gave me and maybe you guys can use them or i can save them if you want. me da igual. so i love you all and i will be writing you from down south next week with more information. let me know if you have any questions. I love you all!!!!
Feliz Navidad y un prospero nuevo año
los quiero mucho

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  1. January 4, 2012 11:41 am

    hola elder espero que estes muy bien aqui lidia y yo nos acordamos mucho de ti quiero que sepas que aunque estes lejos no te olvidamos por que siempre estas en nuestro corazon y en nuestra mente cuidate mucho vale?un saludo de juanluis y lidia

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