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The Martínez Family (Week 34)

November 28, 2011

My dearest family,
I am so happy that you all  had a great thanksgiving. Honestly, mine wasnt too exciting. it came and went without notice and ive been feeling pretty sick since thursday untill today. but i had the best weekend of my life.
So you got some of the story spoiled on the blog but i figured id tell you the whole thing at the end of my email.
This week was a lot of getting all of them the clothes they need and interviews and teaching last minute things and everything went as perfectly as it could have thanks to some good planning and preparation on the part of Elder Walton and I. We knew it would be a crazy week and it went by even quicker than any week of my mission. (and they all go pretty fast) honestly, knowing we were loosing 8 of our investigators this week. we spent as much time as we could in the streets talking to people and ringing thier call boxes. when we “convince” them to open the bottom door we go up and knock all thier personal doors. 2 people. We found 2 people this week and talked with 100s but they are so worth it. they are Colombians which means the 3 investigators we have are all colombian and girls too but the patterns that we always see are just funny. we already teach a woman named Arelis who is 30ish and lives alone but has a spanish exhusband here and her daughter who switches off every 2 months. she is a wonderful woman and we have this great sister in our ward who is helping us to come to the appts and teach her. She came to the activity that i will explain about later on and the baptism this week and liked it a lot. she is awesome.
The two we found this week are angels and we found them in the street this week. (funny story one of them just walked in to this locotorio we are in and we talked to her for 5 minutes ha ha what luck!) This one is the mother and the other her 16 year old daughter who have minimal time here in Spain. (The mom a year and the daughter 1 month) They are both super smart and have a lot of friends in thier country who are members. They found us in the street and wanted to come to the church so they also came to our activity and baptism and church the next day. Their friends told them that when they were here missionaries from the church would find them and teach them. Mark my words,,,we WILL baptize these people. The Lord just blesses and blesses us. so we keep going. its like …. i feel like the energizer bunny.
So we had an activity in the church planned for last saturday as we had all of the mission presidency coming (it was so special to have them for the baptism) and we called it Festival de Naciónes. Nations festival and we all brought food from our country and flags and customs. Now, Americas new and all but our table kicked butt. We had an Arizona flag that we drew and colored that looked super legit. (elder walton is an artist) i baught a cactus from a plant store and we brought our piso cowboy hat. i cooked some chili with a recipe i stole from the internet and Bam everyone loved our presentation and my first experience with making chili went excellently. We FILLED our capilla. its brand new and they will have to up size again soon with how much we are growing. I myself have 12 converts in this place and ive only been here for 6 months. I hope that before i come home Badajoz has a new full sized chapel. Towards the end of the activity a woman named Rocio showed up and i will now tell you how she ties in as well as the whole Martinez story.

The Martínez Family

Well youve heard bits and pieces but so many different miracles play into this story.
You know the story of how Elder Long and I were contacting and we came out of our lunch appointment, (that we had already gone into) to contact for just 10 more minutes? I testify that the spirit prompted us to do that because at the same moment. José Martinez was walking to a nun convent to ask for food for his 11 heads that he feed under one roof.he also felt a prompting and jumped two streets over ( completely out of the way) and found us. After 2 weeks of teaching them and spending 30-60 minutes at thier house everyday, these wonderful people all grew to love Elder Walton and I as thier own family and we had many spiritual amazing appts with them. One of which we watched the Testaments and all the girls were crying tears of joy. They ASKED us if they could get baptize. When we extended thier commitments we already new thier answers. And the Lord helped us solve every one of thier doubts and questions (there wernt too many) and they all changed thier lives enormously in that span of time. Now, prior story, Jose is retired journalist and resieves a pension to fund his life every month. By Spains poor orginization, when he transfered his pension to badajoz they lost his information and they have been living for 6 months off of a savings fund that was quickly depleted. When he found us they were “fasting” 4-5 days a week. Every member in our ward jumped at the opportunity to bring them food untill the Branch President recieved permission to get them anything else they needed. Among many other small miracles. the day of thier interviews arrived. 3 hours in thier house. For Elder Long the District Leader to interview all 8 of them. (The rest of us played games like signs and uno((super fun))) As we were leaving. The father showed 1 photo, (That i myself have seen many times) to Elder Long and he FLIPPED. The missionary (woman) who was so beloved in this house hold and talked about for 16 years lives in an area that elder long served in and he recognized her. (even tho she doesnt look quite the same) and that night (after a little bit of calling) we located her and the next day put them both in contact. after many tears and phone calls and facebook. (thank you technology) she got her husband and kid ready to come THE FOLLOWING DAY to badajoz and was here for the baptism. Youve seen pictures and ill send more, but 12 of us in white. there werent words. They all sat in the front of the service while us four sat in back. I baptized the parents because they asked me too. most of the kids asked Elder Walton and a couple wanted something different and asked for the elders they didnt even know ha ha. But now they have amazing relationships and all 4 of us are going to night to teach them how to do Family Home Evening. Some members who helped us a lot confirmed the parents and i confirmed one of the younger boys and elder walton all the girls (what a ladies man) elder long was asked to confirm the youngest boy and the oldest boy asked me but he couldnt absolutely come due to the fact that he plays on Badajozes soccer team and they had a random sunday match and they are normally on saturdays. But next week i will confirm him. I have a picture of all of those baptism forms i filled out. whooo my hands hurt. It was a beautiful weekend and Rocio ( the missionera) came and took us all to mcdonalds with her family after. That was crazy but super awesome.

And so, The Martinez are now members and Look and Act like it too. they all were truly converted through thier diligent studies and prayers as a family and through what started other missionaries many years ago. Our work is never wasted. That is one thing that i confortably shared in my testimony to a new dear friend Rocio. She started something beautiful and i had the amazing blessing to help be a part of the finish. I cant explain the feelings of joy as i sat in a flooded hallway watching 6 children being baptized having just baptized thier parents and all 12 of us wet in white clothing and crying and smiling and laughing. Its an inexplicable joy. Pure and from God. I feel like im on cloud 9 right now.

I love you all so much and i am greatful that your all so willing to sacrifice me for these great people. its a blessing to me to be a blessing to them and they send a lot of love.
Have a great week and enjoy the lights and music as we start to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year
Felicidades a Todos
Elder Nally
y con mucho cariño

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