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Gracias, Hermana Clegg!

November 28, 2011

Hermana Clegg is always posting wonderful pictures and saying cool stuff about Trevor and his companions, etc. on the Malaga Spain Mission Blog. Instead of ruining her beautifully said words, I will simply re-post:

Is this one of the best baptism pictures you have ever seen? We baptize families in the Spain Malaga Mission. Elders Stowell, Long, Walton and Nally feel like they are in heaven with the Martinez Family. This family found Elder Nally and Elder Long because they were in the streets, contacting as they needed to be instead of going in for lunch 10 minutes early. It is a wonderful story of obedience, faith and enduring. We have more pictures at the end of the blog, but last night in Badajoz the heavens were opened.

What are the 4 Elders in Badajoz doing? It’s called a branch party where we celebrated all the nationalities in the branch. There were many. They shared chili and banana bread and brownies from the United States. Mostly it was Arizona as Elders Stowell, Walton and Nally are all from Arizona. Elder Long was there to represent Utah.

Elder Nally is bringing in all the white clothes. This took organization on the part of the 4 Elders to get enough baptismal clothes.

 And we end with the missionaries who helped this miracle come to pass, with a lot of inspiration from the Lord. Don’t anyone doubt that the Lord loves his children and is mindful of many ways to bless those who serve him faithfully, especially his wonderful missionaries. It was a great weekend in Badajoz. We had over 75 people in the church on Sunday and probably even a few more at the baptism. It was incredible. This church is true!!! And it’s a great time to be a missionary in the best mission in the church, the Spain Malaga Mission. “Bautismos por mi les habra.”

These pictures are from there Zone Conference a couple of weeks ago. See if you can find Elder Nally!

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