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November 27, 2011

Hello my family!!!!
many apologies that this will probably not be as long as usual. in 10 minutes a member is picking us up to take us around to some really cool sites in extremadura so next week i will have pictures of that and the baptism this week for ya.

This week was crazy with the conference taking up more than 2 full days of our week. We left on tuesday for sevilla and had a real life action movie experience as we had to catch 2 buses (when we got off our first bus) and get to the train station in 40 minutes and it was 50 minutes away. The train was scheduled to leave at 7:35 and at 7:34:46 we got off of the last but in front of the parking lot of the station. im sure it was a funny site as 6 elders in suits and coats and bags and tickets in hand went all sprinting as fast as humanly possible across traffic and parking lot and into the station. we yelled our train number as we entered the docking ramps and cought our train by -6 seconds as the doors were already closed and it was taking off. Praise God that they stopped for us and ushered us on really quick. the train was moving again before we even found our seats. One of THE BIGGEST ADRENILINE RUSHES EVER. I thought we might be jumping on the back like in the movies. We got to Málaga that night and found Elder Manning and his companions piso. we stayed there and i lucked out with sleeping in the arm chair. (Elder Pisos arnt meant to hold 6 elders)
The conference went really well and i learned a ton from President Clegg.
We have a Branch conference this week so all of the mission leadership will be here in badajoz for the baptism and an activity we are doing on saturday. as well as in church the next day when we confirm 8 people (that is going to take a while). Its going to be a crazy and busy week. But, Im happy im well. and i will send an especially long email next week with lots of pictures ok?
sorry its short but its all i have time for today. I love you guys and Im very happy and very well and have a great Turkey Day
I love you guys a ton
Elder Nally


In a separate email, Elder Nally answered these questions from our mom:

How are things going with the Martinez family this week?  Are they still planning on being baptized next Saturday?

they are golden and doing awesome. they are all super excited and will be baptized this week. we are having some bumps with finding so much white clothing. but the fact that that is a problem is really cool. we are super excited and i hope to be able to send you pictures next week.

Do you get to celebrate Thanksgiving in the mission?  Or not since it is an American holiday?

ya,,,,,thats just a normal day for us. we might make something cool. but its not a spain holiday and we only celebrate christmas in the mission. if you want to send me a turkey tho…..ha ha

How are you and Elder Walton getting along now that some time has gone by?  Is everything going well there?

we are getting a long really well. Elder Walton is a really good example to me and has a lot of patience. he is the easiest companion to get a long with that i have had and we are having a lot of fun together.

What made your week difficult?  And what made it great?

that was just because we had a LOT of rejection and not a lot of success. it was kind of a downer week but this week went a lot better and there always are and will be ups and downs in the mission.

How was seeing Elder Manning again?  He mentioned in his letter home to his family that he was excited to see you again too.  (We are still exchanging emails with his family)

that was a lot of fun. we were both super excited. i have a really great relationship with him that i havnt had with any of my other companions and i loved being able to see him and hang out the night in thier piso.


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