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Mapeline (Week 31)

November 27, 2011

Hey family i dont have much time so heres a quick rund down.

How are things going with your new companion?  What can you tell us about him?
Elder Walton is a really good missionary. He is very calm and a quiet kid and we get a long PERFECTLY. Its fun because we have a lot in comin being both from arizona. he is a cross country runner. in the middle of 5 kids and the first boy to serve a mission. we are both blond and i still cant get these pictures to stinkin work. hopefully next week i can send you some. he is a really nice clean kid and works hard.

How is it having 4 elders in the apartment?
its way messier and always fun. elder stowell brought a guitar so thats been fun even though i feel like ive forgotten everything. we are making it work and we split the area so we see eachother at night and for medio dia when we come back to eat. i really like the elders im with right now. its a fun group.

How did you have mapeline if you can’t get it in Spain?
elder dunoskovic, dont know if you remember that name. his mother sent it in a package and he left it in the piso. you can send some if you want……:)

we had a hard first week having to split the work and the weather has been really wet and cold. we did some good hard days full of contacting and knocking doors and we have made some really good plans. I thank you for all of your emails and thoughts. it was good to hear from everyone. especially grandma and grandpa nally. (tell her that we have a branch here) Sorry i couldnt reply to her letter today. we have to go.

Other that that stuff it was a crazy week sending off and recieving new missionaries. everyone that came and went traveled through here so a couple days were really crazy.

So this week, we had a great appointment with that big family. The Martinez family and we are going back tonight. they are really cool and we invited them to church this week. we will hopefully see them there on sunday. Everything is going really well. Im sorry this letter is shorter today but im healthy and well and next week will have a lot of explaing and stories for you all.

Your all the best,
Elder Nally

Elder Nally and Elder Walton

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