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“Elder Walton from….ARIZONA!” (Week 30)

November 27, 2011

Well hello there Family!

again i sit down in this cubicle in spain and think to my self i just got up from the last email session. ha ha the time is going quicker and quicker for me as i approach 7 months this sunday. im officially in the middle section of the mission. I had a very good week this week i must say. But first i thank all of you for your emails and pictures Mom Dad Kimbrie Kaitlyn and Brynlee for your cute remarks in spanish. I understood every word. Im curious, how normally do you all read my email. Does someone print it out? do you all just check on the computer? does everyone read it everyweek? how come tanner and brogan never write me? i havnt heard from makenna in a while either. Special thanks to Grandma Wellman on always keeping me updated. I havnt heard from Grandma and Grandpa Nally in forever. What are they up to?

Well im sure your all very interested and anxious to know whats happening this transfer. This may or may not come to you as a shock but…….Elder Nally stays in Badajoz again! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

But, theres a twist. They are sending two new Elders to Badajoz, PERMANENTLY. and me and Elder Long will split the area with our new companions. Im taking the north part of the city and Merida and a couple other villiages in our area. Elder Long is taking south and some parts that we never get to and they will be starting some work over there in the part we are unfamiliar with. They also have the whole region of Badajoz so any one of our hundreds of towns they could go to to visit members less actives and investigators. we are going to get a lot more work done here that you can only do with 4 elders. my new companion is Elder Walton from…….
ARIZONA!!!!!! im excited to have another arizona companion. this will be my third. and he is from Casa Grande. In the field, i have now had 3 companions and only one area. when i leave this area, if i leave after this transfer….i will have 8 and a half months in the mission and onlyone area. Pretty crazy but President feels like i need to stay here or rather the Lord wants that and IM SUPER OK WITH THAT: I love Badajoz and now we will be experiencing some new places and parts of the city now that it is split. they will get here on Wednesday and the other Elder, (Elder Longs comp) is Elder Stowell. ALSO FROM ARIZONA!!!!! its gonna be a party.

This week we met with a Lady named Teresa and she is a Less Active member and hasnt come for more than 14 years. (We knocked on her door once while we were tracting but she didnt answer and so when we found her address we freaked out cuz we had already knocked on her door.) She is an older lady 50 or 60 and has a 13 year old son. Her husband is in prison here and she has had a lot of problems in life but always loved the Elders so she let us in. We told her that God still loves her and wants her to do what she knows is right and she told us she would like to change but that it would take some time. But, she asked us to teach her son about the Gospel because she never did and he is a great kid but knows nothing about God or Jesus. Level 0! So we are going to work with him and that should be a good experience for both of them. Pray for Teresa and José Miguel.

We had the biggest storm here this week since ive been in the mission. it was a lot of fun to work in the rain………ha. We were super wet but luckily my shoes work really good and my umbrella is huge ( a new one i baught in a pawn shop for a euro) we couldnt get much done because no one came to the english classes we teach weekly and we took a bus to the other side of town and we just had a slower day. But that was a fun experience. its super cold here some days but then others it warms back up again. theres almost always wind and all the trees are changing and loosing thier leaves. its really cool. im enjoying the weather a lot right now.

We were going to meet with that Family this week (The Martinex Family) but they were all sick with the flu wich was unfortunate but i talked to him on the phone a couple days ago and they still all really want us to come over so this week im hoping we can meet with them. We had an activity this last friday where Elder Long and I made 500 pancackes and everyone in the branch came and brought thier friends and ate till they had to be rolled out of the church. it was a lot of work but a lot of fun and many people thank mom for the syrup recipe that she taught Elder Nally. we used all of the maple extract we had tho so i wont be able to do it anymore cuz you cant find it here. We also went to the “Campo” on saturday which translates to fields. it was just a spot outside the city where theres spars trees and dirt. but we went out there and had a barbaque played uno. it was a lot of fun and we brought some investigators to hang out with the members.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK. Emma got baptized yesterday and im trying to send pics but as always, spanish computers are goofy. The baptism went very well and Eugenio baptized his 9 year old daughter. she is super cute and reminds me a lot of makenna. we did it right after church so that our members would com because a lot of them are way to lazy to return after they leave. so we had a great turn out and her mom and sister came too. Diosmary and Pamela and we hope to teach and baptize them as well.

Over all it was a very good week for me and im happy i can stay. so i will wrap up by doing something that Dad asked me to do….

Tell us something new, something old and something special to you

1. I got a bunch of new music from my friend Elder Allred in Cáceres. he is way into technology and threw a bunch of great music on my ipod including josh groban and some efy 2011 cd. which pleases me very much.

2. I am making a return trip with the new elders to MERIDA one of the oldest cities in spain. and all of the ancient roman empire sites. no one in this district has seen it but me so im taking them all in two weeks. (this time im bringing my camera)

3. Something very special to me was this week as i watched one of my baptisms baptize another one of my baptisms and my two other baptisms were there. I sat in the church and marveled at the lives that have been changed for the better by the gospel. This place is very close to my heart and im very happy to stay here. I know this Gospel is true and my testimony of it is the most special thing i have.

I love you all very much and I hope you feel the blessings that i ask upon you from the Lord

Working Hard in Spain,
Elder Nally

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