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“A Lot of Ups and Downs” (Week 32)

November 27, 2011

Hey there everyone!!!!

It soulds like you all had a great time in mexico this week. SO are you not going down for thanksgiving this year? whats the plan for the nally thanksgiving this year? Are you all setting up decal and singing and playing music? I miss all that stuff so much. BUT, i get to talk to you in like 42 days or something like that. that time is going to go by really quickly here.

This week honestly has been full of a lot of ups and downs as is every day and week in the mission but this week especially was kind of hard for me.

Last Monday we went to a lesson with the Martinez family with our branch president and he helped us teach them the story of Joseph Smith. It went really well and they were really acceptive of it. All of our lessons with them are pretty crazy because there are so many kids and its super hard to get all of them there. We have now taught almost all of them almost everything and it started just this week so we have been really busy with this family planning for them and making activities and reading calendars and doing every creative thing our minds can muster to work with this family. 8 of the 9 now have baptismal dates and the only reason the 9th cant get baptized is because she is living with her boyfriend and he is a punk and wont cooperate. so she is kind of brainwashed and its too bad but the other 8 are golden and ready and excited and marching towrds thier baptism a week from this next saturday. I am SUPER DUPER excited for this family because this week i have really grow to love them a lot ( it reminds me of home being with so many people) and they are just so happy and have seen a huge change in thier lives. The branch president is helping us to get them food because they are all with out work and he has had a couple problems with his social security. All is well with them and we have had a FHE with them and taught them and played games and told stories. theyve seen pictures of you and think you are all so good looking ha ha. Its been a lot of fun. Unfortunately this satuday the mom and dad got really sick with the flu and a couple of the kids started to get it on sunday so they couldnt come to church but we gave them priesthood blessings and they were really greatful for those even tho they were super sad they couldnt come to church. The 8 are José Manuel and Kerly and then 6 kids who are Kerly, Maria, Jose, Diana, Luis, and Santiago and now we are just really worried about finding the right sizes and enough baptismal clothing. ha ha. so pray for them a lot because these next two weeks wont be easy but we have to get them baptized. its my number one goal in life.

We also last monday had to drop a young and very promising investigator bcause he decided he didnt want to be religious and would pray or study. It was really sad for us because he is a really good kid but those are always the worst nights, wwalking home after having to leave an investigator…knowing what they could have. But the rest of our week was a lot of knocking doors and talking to people in the streets and walking around the plaza trying to talk to people. and for somereason, every mad angry mean person was in the street this week and nobody would listen to us. But we kept working and eventually, if we show our faith, the lord is going to bless us. So, it sort of felt like a waste of time but we have been digging into some of our new area and its been a battle of will power on my part. We also went to Merida twice which is part of our new area and those pictures i sent last week are from there. It was a lot of fun as it is a beautiful place and im not familiar with the streets so it was an adventure. we visited with some members we have out ther and look for some old members (the branch that used to be out there has completely dissolved) and its just been some interesting times. We were knocking this one door and the lady wouldnt open but was talking to elder walton through the door and she was being really rude so as we were leaving Elder Walton said “well have a good day at least” or something like that and then we just heard her shriek “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” ha ha. it was pretty funny.
Lets see, this week we also started Badajoz´s first branch choir. elder walton plays the piano really well and i helped one of our recent converts (who attends the music school) teach them how to sing. (Thank goodness for those voice lessons.) It was a lot of fun and they are going to sing when President Clegg comes to do a branch conference. Then they want to sing O Holy Night for christmas but we will see how that goes ha ha.

Last night we ate in the house of some members a vry tradicional spanish dish called “Cocido” Pronounced : Ko-thee-doe and it is a soup with garbancho beans and chicken and you sprinkle on salt to your liking and then eat a variety of wierd looking spanish sausages. called chorizo and murcía and theres this one that is just strait of fat and it looks horrid. I had a hard time forcing that one down. But apart from that part its really good.

Today it is raining as it has been on and off this week and so we cant do what we planned ( which was playing lacrosse up on the park castle) so we are going to the capilla to have a few compatitions. Ping pong tourny and paper airplane competition. Im pretty excited for it.

We are going to Málaga tomorrow to stay the night and then wednesday we have our Zone Confrence. Im excited to see some good friends. especially elder manning. he sends his love to you all by the way. i just got off the phone with him. Ok well. You are all super great and i will talk to you all again next week.

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