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“Why do you run from the name of your Savior?” (Week 28)

October 25, 2011

I loved the story Trevor shared this week. It’s a little funny and silly in a way, but Elder Long asks an important question that applies to all of us…”Why do I run from the name of my Savior?” I continued to think, “Am i ever ashamed of the gospel of Christ? What could i do better to represent my Savior?”

¡Buenos Dias America!

Me parece que tenían una buena semana disfrutando su tiempo aparte de la escuela en California.

But before i say anything else….HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYNLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sent you a letter. i dont know if you got it yet. but its on its way and will be there soon if you havnt recieved it yet. Have a great day you sweet little girl. Cow milking sure is dangerous.

Im glad that you all had a great week in Disneyland! It sure does sound like you all enjoyed your self. I love the pictures. I thought of something that i should get to download all of the pictures you send me. A PIN DRIVE: a lot of the elders have them and im going to start looking for a fairly cheap one cuz then i can take the pics from the computer and print them out in a photo store. I am pleased to announce i recieved your package! thank you all so very much. The sweets are put away and being saved for special occasions and im sending pictures of the fun i had with the toys. Thank you my fellow pirate ninjas. ha ha ha. The letters were my favorite part. it was nice hearing from you all and the pictures and all of it. it came in the perfect moment and i had a very emotional night as i read all of your sweet letters and especially the encouragement that i needed from mom and dads letters. i thank you all very much.

So starting with last Monday.

Monday- We had a FHE with The Da Silva family from angola africa. thier accent is really thick and hard to understand but i really love this family and how fun they are. Antonio (the dad) informed me that we would be taking care of his son who is currently serving a mission in barcelona. he had to come home this week and take care of some legal papers in order to continue living in spain. so thier mission got intact with us and sent Elder Da Silvas info. we called around and made plans for them to come later on in the week.
Tuesday- The District met in our chapel in the morning and we had a really nice meeting. directly after (well, after some lunch in the good old golder arches) Elder Allred and I went up to Cáceres for some intercambios. we were up there until wednesday afternoon working together and learning from someone else for a change. it was a lot of fun to catch up with my old mtc companion.

Wednesday- First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER LONG!!!!  I made him a cake and we decorated our piso for his birthday. me and elder allred caught a bus that morning and we got back just in time to meet Elders long and shaver in Tanuki San for some japanese food. then We had a “Consecrated Contact Day” where Elder Long and i didnt plan any appointments but contacted and knocked doors all day. it was long and really hard but we reaped a lot of blessings from it. I notice that my spanish has improved a lot this transfer having to do a lot with the fact that i dont have my trainer to lean on. Im learning new words everyday and really fine tuning my grammar skills in my studies. I feel really good about the language now. We talked to 100+ people that day and that night we picked up Elder Da Silva and Elder Shields from mesa, AZ. he actually lives two miles from the winds. But the names i gave him didnt ring any bells. those two stayed with us in our piso so we had a fun night of talking and seeing how the other missions are a little different. thier president is President Hinckley. The prophets son. I thaught that was pretty special. apperantly they all carry briefcases and arnt alowed backpacks or side bags.
Thursday- those two went to work on Elder Da Silvas papers while we had a pretty normal day. One of our investigators is Lorena and she is still getting ready to get baptized. She speaks 6 different languages and she taught me how to say love in arabic. its super easy to say but theres no possible way of writing it out. the symbol letter thing is crazy squiggly looking things.

The rest of the week has just been some really hard work as we tried to catch up for some lost time with the busy first half of the week. It was actually a really hard week for me and i learned a lot from it. We found a new lady to teach that you can all pray for. her name is Confesora and she is from the Dominican Republic. she is an awesom lady and believes in christ but never wanted to commit to a church. we are going to teach her how commiting to christs church is following him….and then were gonna baptize her. she is like 50 something and VERY spunky. lots of fun to talk to. Pray for her to open her heart and find a strong desire to follow christ.

I actually had to just copy down all of dads questions here cuz i couldnt remember to answer them all so heres the rest.

How is the work going? The work is great. we have a baptism with eugenios daughter coming up soon and we are getting really close with Lorena but she still doesnt want to set a specific date so pray for her to find the courage to do that.We found a lot of people this week and even though a lot of them led us on wild goose chases a couple of them turned out to be really nice people with great potential.

Who is progressing in you’re teaching pool? Right now we have 3 investigators. Emma, Lorena, and Confesora. We are still working hard and searching for people and your prayers are greatly appreciated. so thanks for helping us in that way.

Share some more spiritual experiences with us. I had a great experience this week as I studied prayer and how greatly blessed i was this week as i asked for people to be put in our path and they were. I love that great gift we all have to speak with our heavenly father. How are you and Elder Long doing? We are both doing really good. We are learning better everyweek how to work together and love and serve eachother and because we are both doing what we should the Lord is blessing us. Elder Lond did something really funny this week as we talked to some two old catholic dudes this week. They asked us what we wanted (rather rudely) and Elder Long explained we wanted to teach them about Jesus Christ they scoffed and started walking away quickly as they decided they wanted nothing to do with us so Elder Long asked them why they did that. and they stopped and looked back and said What? and he continued asking, why do you run from the name of your savior and that was like the dagger to the heart. the two tradicional apostate roman catholic men had to search thier souls and answer the question. They ended up turning around and talking to us about thier beliefs of The Savior with us. even though it was a really bold statement and was made a little out of frustration, i had a lot of respect for those two men that decided to show a little bit of faith and “listen to us” they still didnt want anything but they said they would search

What are some of your mission traditions or things only your missions does or uses? Well ive already mentioned the tie burning ceremony. at a year we burn a shirt and at 6 months till departure a pair of pants. The last one is a full suit but ive never heard of anyone actually doing that one. We also dont call new missionaries greenies. Our mission and others in europe. Im not sure if they do this in all missions, call thier greenies “sons” and thier trainers are “fathers” so its fun to see how your related to everyone in the mission because i already know my grandfather Elder Dunoskovic, my uncles elder berrett and elder Bailey. and when you are an elders last companion, its called “killing” cuz you end thier mission life. we also have a really cool mission song that i will play and sing to you all when i get home. its spanish and is called O Vos Los Llamados. We also play this fun game where while we walk we try to kick trash under each others leggs. im really good at it .hehehe

anyway. today we are going to the capilla so i can practice the piano. we are going to write some letters and play a little ping pong. then we have to shop and clean a little and then i need to organize my wardrobe that has gotten out of shape.

Its going to be a good week here in spain and i love you all and miss you very much.

Elder Nally

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