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“Miracle Story of the Week” (Week 29)

October 25, 2011

My dear family,

first someone give preston a lot of congratulations and tell him im super excited for him. i hope he gets to eat cow tongue down there. its delicious. here is the answer to your question this week.

I wish you luck Kaitlyn on your ACT test. and im glad brynlee´s birthday went well. I have been working really hard this week and for that it went by really fast but here is a little of what happened this week.

Monday: We went and played ping pong in our capilla. It was a deffinite toss up as we were back and forth. i would win and then elder long would win. we are pretty evenly matched. but in the end he took the championship and i walked home in shame ha ha. it was a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of my good friend tanner. We set another fecha with the girl named Lorena and she is going to be baptized this coming december. she is 100% ready but wants to tell her family first so that is what we are working on with her. her dad is very strong in catholic tradition so it wont be the easiest thing. We also met with Los Chavez who were the family that hook us up with some english conference. I made them cookies from scratch. while elder long made a card and we did that all in about 20 minutes. we were moving quick right at the end of pday.

Tuesday: we had our zone leaders in town with the caceres elders for a district meeting. it was a very nice meeting and we learned a lot about preparing our investigators for baptism. we had a couple really long days with lots of talking and walking and lessons inbetween. This was one of those hard days. we also met with Emma who is going to be baptized this next sunday by her dad Eugenio who just recieved the Aaronic Priesthood. While we were there we met her sister Pamela and her mother Diosmari were both there and sat in on our lesson. they are very supportive of 9 year old emma and we are hopefully going to baptize both of them too.

Wednesday: we had another long day of hard work and finding people. we actually had a huge miracle happen. In the morning we had set out an hour of time to only walk around a certain area and to talk to everyone. we made a route and prayed about it and were ready to go. so we did it. we found two people. both were kind of hesitent to give us thier information and didnt look to promising but we were satisfied as we approached the Japanese restraunt of one of our members where we were going for lunch. we got there 10 minutes early and went in but as i sat down Elder Long looks at me and says, “You know what, we should probably just go out and contact a couple more people for 10 minutes.” So we left and went on this street, and we had specifically prayed for this street but not found anyone on it yet. and we started talking to people and nothing. but then on our way back into the restaurant, a guy stopped us. about 60 years old and there was a young girl with him. he acted like we were his best friends he hadnt seen in years and was talking fast and we stopped him and asked him who he was. It turns out that José Manuel Marinéz is a journalist and lived in another part of spain where him and his whole family were ready to be baptized but do to certain circumstances had to leave town and never went back to that ward. They love our church and our people and want to come to our activities and meetings but for the last 2.5 years never knew that the church was in badajoz. he has a wife who is argentinan. he is a spaniard. and they have 7 kids and a grandma living in the house. one shild has a kid and that puts a total of 11 people in one tiny little flat in badajoz. and they all LOVE the missionaries. we are going to them tonight and we are going to baptize the 9 of them that are over the age of 8. It truly was the miracle story of the week as we have been praying so hard for something like this.

Thursday: we had a pretty busy day again as we have been making some really big plans for baptisms and activities and we are keeping really busy right now which is a really good thing.

Friday: we met with our branch council and they all got really excited about our success and we are going to have a really cool experience with emmas baptism this week.

The rest of this weekend just flew by really fast and with all of our hard work we reported numbers to our leaders this week and everything and i mean every little thing had doubled. It was a true miracle as we worked hard and the Lord helped us accomplish so much.

I took some pictures this week but i cant get them on the computer cuz its not working but hopefully next week i can send you some.

I love you all very much and I promise the power of prayer is a real thing and we can ask the Lord to help us with anything. I love you all and wish you a goood week.
Chow for now from Badajoz, Spain,
Elder Nally

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