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Tie-Burning Ceremony (Week 27)

October 10, 2011

Loved ones.
Spain says hi as another week passes by faster than the last. I had a very good week as well and am happy to hear that you all had a more tranquilo (peaceful) week. I have a lot to tell you all but first i shall answer some questions.

So are you the Senior Companion? So, this is a hard question because i nor Elder Long where ever told who was in charge. I dont know exactly how thats suppost to work. But since i had more time in the area i carried the keys and phone and reported numbers and all that fun stuff. Now we are at a point where we both do all of that stuff and Elder Long is starting to get to know the people better and the area better. So i think in a sence we are co-captains but I have a feeling that i might be out of here in 3 weeks. President made a remark to me this week about how long ive been here and quote “your time is coming soon, Elder Nally” we will see but as far as HERE goes, me and Elder Long are getting a “long” and working very hard together. 

So what is the weather like in Badajos?  Has it cooled off there yet? It is actually cooled off a lot and the leaves are falling and the wind is blowing a lot. there were a few days this week where it got wierdly hot again but now is back to nice cool fall weather. im enjoying it very much.

So this week was a lot of fun as
Monday- I got to practice the guitar for a few hours since we were going to be performing for David´s Farewell this week. I also got money in my account so i had a good shopping session and got some good food for the week. “The Melons here are AMAZING!”

Tuesday- Elder Allred my Mtc companion came for a couple days while his companion (our district leader) elder Shaver went to Málaga for a training. He camped with us all day as we went around teaching and looking for people to teach. we found an OLD catholic man who let us in to teach him and we challenged him to read the book of mormon. he doesnt even get out of his chair for church since a lot of the “catholics” here watch thier Mass on the TV but if he puts in some work, he could be a promising investigator. We also started teaching Emma who is Eugenios little 9 year old daughter. She is really interested and wants to join the Church with her dad.

Wednesday- We went and did sercive for a local food bank that feeds people without work. We unloaded pallets of storage food and it was good hard work that i havnt done in a while. ill admit i was a little tired by the end of it. We also had that afternood David´s Farewell that night and it turned out to be really funny, (well to me) because it was davids last day before leaving town and then at the end of his vacation being dropped off at the mtc. so he really wanted to be with andreia who was at the capilla waiting with us for his surprise and he wouldnt come because he was trying to find her. eventually we got him to come and the whole branch (including portuguese friends who came) surprised him and it was a very spiritual and fun night. I gave him one of my ties and told him its acustomed to speaking spanish. Ive bonded a lot with that kid and im going to miss him.

We spent Thursday and Friday trying to get a lot of work done having lost some time with service and fiestas and what not. and we worked our tails off. We ended it with Eugenios Baptismal Interview and because of how the busses work, the Caceres elders had to stay with us that night so we all crashed in our living room.
Saturday we cleaned the capilla and started filling up the font because we wouldnt have time to do it on sunday. we also got ready for the Cleggs to come in to town and they came on sunday after church. They came to our piso and we made them some breakfast food and had a good chat before we got down to business. they trained us on how to use the book of mormon in conversion and we made some great plans and had some really good ideas. Then we had interviews with president and he is just an amazing man. i always learn so much from him. They left us and we ran over to get ready for our baptism. it was a great experience. The spirit was really strong and It was the first time i baptized someone in spanish. I love spain and I love Badajoz. This transfer is almost over as we are now in week 4. its going by really fast and im super curious to know when and where im going next because that will be where im at for Christmas. I get to call home in 2 months. thats wierd. and seeing how quick the last two months have gone. Ill be talking to you all soon.
I love you all and mom, to say i love you very much,

Te Amo Muchisimo.
De verdad que si, está iglesia es la unica verdadera y viviente organización y Jesucristo es la cabeza de ella.
Yo sé esto es verdadero en el nombre de Jesucristo
Hasta Luego,
Os Quiero con cariño,
Elder Nally

Every 6 months there is a “tieburing ceremony” to celebrate you time in the mission.

6months down, 18 to go.

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