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Working with Elder Long (Week 26)

October 3, 2011

Hello there family,
before i start. can i just say i love and miss you all so very much. Watching conference this week (see below) reallly made me miss home but i am still just so happy to be here.

Well, how was your week this week?

This week was a really great week for me. We saw a lot of prayers answered and we worked hard and its been a little different than what im used to so its been good to see how a different elder does missionary work.
so I am wondering how it is going this week and how you are adjusting to living with a new person.  What can you tell us about him?
Ok, well its definately different and took a couple days of getting used to. Elder Long is a good kid from Hurricane, Utah and he comes with 9 months in the mission. (he just hit 10 2 days ago) and he was the quarterback of his football team. Did you guys get the chance to talk to his family? they have 8 like us but 7 of them are boys. he is a stud and we both still have a lot to learn but we struggle together and worktogether. that is one thing that Dad always taught me is not to allow the conflict become contention. For that, we get along and fight our battles together. We dont get along as easily as i did with Elder Manning but Im making it work out and serving him and any problems that could exist get smashed out pretty quick. I actually have noticed a lot of growth this week having to rely on my spanish more and my knowledge of the area. to be honest i did a little bit of leaning on elder manning before and now i have to be the leader. But, All really is well and he LOVES keeping it clean so our piso is now spotless. which i like. he wont let me walk around without socks or sandals on tho. ha ha
Any new investigators this week?
we actually do!!!! wooo hooo its what ive been praying so hard for and this week. 1 we found out that Eugenio, the man we found in the street a few weeks ago. Said he was a member, but the church doesnt have records of him. Apperantly, after a lot of digging and research, his papers were most likely lost. But, was only active for less than a year and that was in ´84 so we have to reteach and rebaptize him. Its a funny little experience because we say hes a golden investigator and really he is already a member. But we learn together in our lessons and he asked me to baptize him. Also we did some searching with him on who we could teach and established that his ex wife wanted his daughters to be closer to God. Last night, we started teaching his daughter. and theres another one we will probably teach too. He will be able to baptize them in a few weeks when he recieves the aaronic priesthood. What a blessing to strengthen a family and bring them closer. So, Pray for Eugenio, Emma and Pamela. Also we met a man named José. This is something i regret but when he answered the door my initial thought was WOOOOO ok lets go. But the 21 year old kid with 100% Body tattoo and bull nose ring and gages in his ears that you could fit your fist through told us he had interest in talking to us about what we do. We went in and commenced to teach him and found he is just a nice guy who is lost and looking for the truth. i left feeling a lot of love for him and hopefull that i would be able to help him. Unfortunately he in turn talked to his friends about us and they convinced him that he doesnt want anything to do with us. Satan really has so much power and i just want to punch him in the face. José really is ready, i just hope that he overcomes his friends bad influence. most likely we wont keep teaching him because he is pretty sure he doesnt want us coming back but we filled out a form so that anytime in the future the elders can find him and maybe he will be ready. i know that we planted a seed.
Did you get to watch conference this weekend?
I did and it was awesome. There is just something special about watching conference as a missionary. I reallized that 6 months ago i was there with you with my bags packed and ready to go. enjoying conference one last time before the mission. Time goes really fast. I especially enjoyed Priesthood session as always but take it or leave it, my favorite talk by far was Elaine S. Dalton about raising daughters. I got so pumped for the future when i get to be a dad. There was just such a great spirit and we are going to watch the very last session today.
 If so, where do you get to view it?
We watched it in the house of some members that offered us thier internet so we could watch in english. They say hi by the way. and Edgar and Orlena Chavez are thier names. They are the nicest people and have a little 18 month girl who LOVES me. Its really funny, she cries when we have to leave. But because there, 9 o´clock is 6 at night here. We only watched one session on saturday and then 3 on sunday. the last one we are going back to watch today since its pday and theres no better way to spend a pday than recieve inspired words from the prophets.

This week we went around to a lot of members looking for people to teach and set some good goals with them that hopefully they follow through with. we only have 3 investigators right now but we hope to double that by next week and to also get another baptism set up. Eugenio will be baptized this Sunday. We had to go get some technical stuff done this week since Elder Long isnt legal. In spain there is a thing called Empadroneamiento. we made that into the english word it would translate to if there was one. Empadronize. It means that the government knows where exactly you live. so every time you change towns, you have to go to city hall and fill out a form and show identification and then sign in front of them. then we had to send that in to the mission offices and so we spent a good morning running around doing errands. We also had my good friend David come with us since he reports to the MTC on October 12 (ALSO ELDER LONGS BDAY) and he wants some practice. so we contacted old and new investigators all day and talked to people in the streets and it was a long tiring day of hard work. We also planned an activity that David´s father Hernani wants to do. It would be the equivelant of a farewell but, not in church. so, david is going to come with us all day again and when we get there. BOOM surprise! and he will get to be with the branch and all his friends and family. he will have a few minutes to speak and theres a prgram and food and everything. Also, part of the program, hernani and i were talking and he was asking me questions about my music hobbies and found out that i play his all time favorite song, Hallelujah. He also loves the lyrics as thier byblical and talk about faith and in spanish i guess even more so than in english. So, he got me a guitar and spanish lyrics and this week i touched a guitar for the first time in 6 months!!! he is having me play it with a girl that plays piano and were all going to sing to david for his farewell thing. Lets just say ive pretty much forgotten everything! and my fingers hurt like ive never played before. but, its been really fun for the hour ive had to play it. we are going to practice it together today. And then General Conference just got me super animated and excited for life and missionary work and everything. I just loved it.

This week ive been studying alot about the atonement and i am constantly amazed by the healing power of Christ and his suffering. I really know with my whole being the He lives and loves us. i love seccion 19 (v15-20) in D and C and what the Lord says to explain his atonement. Powerful words that teach us a lot.

I love this gospel and i love missionary work. i hope you all relax and get some energy back from that crazy week. I love you all so much and I will talk to you in a week

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