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Trevor Rodriguez Jaramillero (Week 25)

October 3, 2011

hey my dearest beloved family,

You all sure had a crazy week! I as well had one that was pretty crasy. Ya know? It was my first time changing comps. The Elder Long that arrived is a great kid and a great missionary. His name is Timothy Long and is from Hurricane Utah, a small town near St. George.  They have 8 kids as well and Elder Long is the 3rd child. He is a stud missionary and has about 10 months in the mission. almost exactly 4 more months than me. I actually reallized how blessed i have been with the gift of tongues because Elder Long struggled with the language for a lot longer than i did and still does a little. But now he says he is getting more comfortable and learns everyday but i got comfortable in the language really fast and i guess a lot of elders need a whole year before thier at that point. Its kind of wierd being in charge now. I have less time than this elder so i still feel like i should be leaning on him and his leadership. But, I have the experience in the area and know the people and President has trusted me with this area so im super excited to just work hard and learn together as me and Elder Long continue to progress here. Its super hard switching companions after so long with one elder. and he was my trainer. so its definately not the same. but, i sure can say that ive adjusted and am feeling humbled. I have learned that the only way to do this work is to serve your comp then the people and then your serving the lord. Thats exactly what i did this week and just this morning i was pondering and reflecting on the first new week of the trasfer and felt the Lords appreciation for me and the work hes doing through me.

Monday and Tuesday i was still just a little sick as i was getting over the flu but i kept on truckin through the day with some pain killers and lots of water. Elder Manning took my around to say goodbye to all of his dear friends he has made here and i got to eat 5 times in those 2 days. Wow i was feeling hefty after that. Wednesday morning was when i had to say goodbye to my dear friend Elder Manning. It was hard but had to happen sometime and so after that i stayed with a recent convert named Raymon who got baptized here a few weeks before i arrived to the area. He hung out with my while i studied and practiced the piano. ive been learning some hymns so that i can start playing if i ever move to a branch without a pianist. that actually happens a lot here in the smaller branches so ive got about 3 or 4 songs up my sleeve now. I also just finished reading a book that the caceres elders found and President gave us permision to read. Its called Joseph Smith: The Prophet and The Seer. I dont know if we have it or if youve heard of it. but it was a really great read and i recommend it. My testimony of José Smith jumped leaps and bounds. I also spent half that day with my good buddy Juan Luis. and i have really big HUGE MONGOUS NEWS.

This is super wierd and i havnt even really processed it yet and dont know how to say this but, Juan Luis and Lidia, of whome i have spoken much, are like my family here in this branch. and they just love me to death. They are having 6 KIDS!!!!!! Sixtuplets. Its sooooooo crazy and they already know that 4 are boys and 2 girls. So they are naming the first 3 boys after thier first three elders. And They are seriously naming thier 3 child Trevor Rodriguez Jaramillero. I cried when they told me that. I told them not to name thier kid after me. i didnt even really do anything. but they just love me so much and say im thier angel and they want their kids to be like us. Its super crazy. Im stilll in awe.

I got an emergency call while i was with them saying my comp who i was waiting for couldnt come, so me and Juan Luis had to race in a taxi to the bus station and i caught the last of the days buses to caceres and camped with the elders there. had a fun night with them and returned withing 15 minutes of my new companion and we met in the bus station.

like i said, elder long is a stud. a really good kid and we made some really good goals and plans right from the start for this branch. we then spent the next few days carring out those plans and getting ready for a fireside that we held last night (Sunday) It was about every member a missionary and came partially from our zone focus to have more activities and strengthen the members, and an idea i had based on the “missionary feast” our stake did a while back. We made a Branch Mission Plan and presented it to the members during the fireside. Gave them a huge list of ideas for how to start being member missionaries and provided them with tons of church materials. it was a great evening and Elder Long got to meet a lot of th members. IT was QUITE a crazy week and we didnt really teach all that many lessons but we got more work done this week than in a long time and im super excited for the plans weve made for this week to find more people. we have a few baptisms that might be coming up here in the next few weeks and we are looking for people and now even with the help of the members. We are going to baptize the whole city. That is the enthusiasm that we have right now. This week ive been studinn a lot in Jacob until Mosiah. in those books are a ton of struggling prophets trying to do whats right and help thier people. I feel the same way right now as i struggle every day to help these people and bring them to the waters of baptism. Im super excited for what lies ahead and am working super hard.

I still havnt recieved any packages but as much as i look forward to them, im not worried about me or myself or i or none of that. Just these people who are so important to me and NEED this happiness that we have. I hope that i can help them. Well, I love you all so very much and i hope Homecoming goes well. Mom, sorry to hear about your foot, thats horrible and i am praying for you as well. I hope it gets better soon. Someone give Hershey a squeeze and someone else one to brynlee. pinch haydens cheek and makenna and kimbrie need to hug eachother for me. Brogan needs a hair rub and tanner a spanking. Kaitlyn a super cool secret handshake and Mom and Dad should Kiss! I love you all and miss you all. I cant wait to be with you again and i hope you all know i think about you and miss you a lot. Badjoz says Hola

Elder Guapo Nally

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