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Staying in Badajoz (Week 24)

September 19, 2011

¡Querida Familia Mia!

I am very happy to hear that you all had such a fun and eventful week back home! It was pretty exciting here as well actually. I will start by answering some questions that im sure your all dying to know about…..

What is the scoop on transfers??  Are you moving or staying?  Is Elder Manning moving?  I can’t wait to hear. Well, I am proud to anounce……….drumroll please…….I get to stay in Badajoz!!!!!! quick, someone run and send that package! ha ha. Unfortunately i have to say goodbye to my good friend Elder Nathan Sydney Manning as he leaves on wednesday to be a Zone Leader in Málaga. President really needs Elder Manning to go show is hard work etheic and be an example down there and told me that he needs me to stay up here and get some good work done. Which i am very happy for. I love this place and its starting to seem wierd to think of ever leaving since its still my first area and i complete 6 months in the mission in 2 weeks. But, I am excited to meet my new companion Elder Long from Utah and learn some great things from him. I have talked to him on the phone and he should get here on wednesday sometime. so that will be a new thing this week. I have to be the boss now since ive been here for 3 and a half months and I have to use the phone and ill have a little more responsability but im excited and setting some high goals for myself. one of which is, well, we only have one investigator right now. and she is probably being baptized in a couple of weeks. so my first goal obviously is to find people but in 4 weeks i want to have 5 baptismal fechas set. its a big goal but me and elder long are gonna work really hard and you all can check up with me on that goal. So that will be our next transfer.

Do you every do any sight seeing on your p-days and if so, what have you done lately?
We do get to go do stuff. we were going back to Merida today with our whole district but weve already seen it and its expensive and were all short on money so we are taking them around the sights of badajoz today. But, one of the members was talking to me yesterday and we might go in a future pday to visit some cool castles close by here. but ill send some pictures from today next week.

What is the cool story you were going to share with us this week??  Do you remember ?
I do remember, and i just didnt have time to tell you, i actually dont know if i have mentioned this at all yet, but there is a sister that moved into our ward and she is …..AMERICAN! shes from Utah and her name is Danielle. She is teaching kids english here and it was super wierd when we saw her cuz we didnt know who she was but she speaks ENGLISH! no one here speaks english! so that actually turned out to be a reallly great blessing for us cuz there is a less active member that she befriended and is coming to church every week now and also she is helping us teach lorena, who they both have the same age. So, it was quite a miracle for us to have her here. Me and her both spoke in church this week. and shes been a huge help in strengthening the branch here. Also, a part of that story is that we went to the less active girls house with her to have a family night thing and we miraculously changed our lesson plan to patience. (from what now we know was a whispering of the spirit) and that was exactly what Cristina (thats the less actives name) needed. It was way cool.

So this week. We have been applyiing a lot of stuff that we learned in our specialized training and making plans to work better with the members. We have a new mission leader and his name is ABRAHAM and is a stud. we are going to do a fireside with the ward this sunday to teach them how to be a member missionary. Its going to be super cool. and i guess im kind of in charge of it now. wow….i just thought of that. ok. So,anyway. we have been focusing on that this week and on finding new investigators to fill our teaching pool. We have made some good plans and then. Unfortunately i got la gripe. which is the spanish flu. Ive felt very weak and sick for the last few days and i blacked out in a lesson. But, with a lot of rest and some good old drugs im feeling a lot better today and moving around fine. it was like you said mom, didnt last very long.

We got to give some fathers blessings to a couple members this week as they started school. or stand in rather while thier father did it. But it is always a refresher to witness or give a priesthood blessing. Im learning more and more each day as i excercise the priesthood in behalf of others.

President called us on Friday night and told us the news about transfers. Elder Manning is freaking out cuz he doesnt thing he´ll be a good Zone Leader. But, i know he will be awesome. The next morning we went to play Futból with the neighborhood kids. im getting really good playing with the spaniards. ive established a sort of nickname on the courts here. They call me El Americano. (The American) and they think thier hot stuff if they juke me out or something and then they all shout, “You caught the american or take that american” its all in love and sport tho. we are establishing some good relationships there and little by little will try and get in thier homes to teach the gospel to them.

So ya, i spoke in church on sunday about enduring to the end. and it went really well seeing as they left me 25 minutes. spanish adult talks are shorter than american youth talks. Wow huh? i spoke in fluent spanish for half an hour as Elder Manning pointed out to me and i finally had that moment where i said to myself. Ya, ok, you speak spanish. It was pretty cool. I really have grown really close with some of these members here. they are my good friends and i hope to come back here with you guys or my future family some day and visit these amazing people.

Well today we are with our district. Elder Allred, my old companion from the MTC is my District Leaders Companion. We are all 3 of us from Arizona!!!!! Elder Manning gets a lot of utah jokes thrown at him. ha ha. so we had a district meeting this morning and after email we are going around town with them. I am sending a picture that i would ask that someone shows to my good friend Shana Wellman.

Other than that, i will have lots of fun pictures for you next week and ya, im happy. im just doing OK over here. No worries. im working hard and seeing miracles. everyday is a cool story in the journal that i cant wait to share with you all when i get home. There is just so much that i cant convey over an email.

Que tengan una buenisima semana todos. Os quiero un monton y pienso en vosotros cada día.
Vuestro hijo y hermano y amigo,
El Americano

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