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Andreia’s Baptism (Week 23)

September 19, 2011

Hello All of you,

It has been a pretty really super crazy week here in Spain. We had some exchanges this week where i got to be with our district leader Elder Shaver and learn from him. that was a lot of fun. we halso had a lot to do to prepare for the baptism this week and we went to Merida to visit some members on friday. then we had our baptism and on sunday traveled to La Mancha for a Specialized Training. (Thats why i couldnt email) it was awesome but we didnt get back till late last night so we have just been running around like crazy and spending a lot of money with all of that travel. I had to pull 20 € from the bank because we have to go up to caceres again this week for a baptismal interview and i dont recieve my money until friday. I dont have a lot of time to tell you all a lot of details but i do want to tell you about the baptism.

Saturday, Andreia Batista was baptised and confirmed a member the next day. Both of those ordinances were done by her boyfriend David Cerqueira. It was a beautiful day and we had the amazing opportunity to speak to her and sing to her because she asked us to do both of those things in her program. we sang abide with me in a beautiful arrangement. I am currently trying to figure out how to put some pictures on here. ive had some problems with it the last few weeks. We spent the day in the chapel filling the font. we studied a lot and i spent a lot of time on the topic of repentance. im constantly amazed with the power of the atonement. The Lord truely knows us better than we know ourselves. I cant explain the feelings of joy and happiness i had in my heart as i watched one of my spirit sisters and best friends enter into a covenant with the Lord. She is so ready and has changed so much. She literally stoped smoking in less than a second. she decided right then and there and has not done it since.  Its my second baptism and after a long hot summer of hard work it felt so great to witness that miracle. We now have two girls that are very close to baptism and plans to find a lot more people. we are going to see some great things happening in this mission.

The Conference i went to on monday was great. We spent the night in a town called Puertollano and i had the opportunity to give a couple blessings while there. There is a member family there that joined the church within the last year so the father doesnt have the priesthood yet and wanted his kids to have “fathers blessings” before going to school. so i gave diego a 12 year old and his older sister whose child is starting her first year of school. blessings. I am constantly amazed by the power that the lord has trusted me with and the miracles i witness happen from that power. it was a sweet experience for me. I also had the opportunity to learn from Hermana and Presidente Clegg as they taught us about being more effective missionaries by working with the members. We have formed some very strong relationships with the members here and we are making plans to utilizze those relationships to find the elect of God. We know their out there and we are searching for them. While we were there at conference Hermana Clegg made us(Elder Manning and I) get up and sing for everyone. I felt like i was at home and mom and dad were making me get out my guitar for everyone. She loves having us sing together and the members here have us do it alot too. Its fun to have such a good singer for a companion. ha ha I hope to be able to report another baptism with Kariny before the end of this month. Lorena will also be getting home this week and has already accepted to be baptized. we just have to teach a few more things and get her coming to church everyweek. shes been very busy this summer so we have high hopes now that the crazyness of summer is slowing down.

Other than that,,, i spent a lot of time on buses and trains this week which has got me feeling a little sick but as much as i hate the traveling…i realized that this is the Lords work and its worth a lot more that 7,27€ to travel just an hour for a baptismal interview. I really could not be happier than i am and ive even found a new sence of urgency as i approach the 6 month mark of my mission. i find my self working harder than ever and im always so excited to study the scriptures. i have also found a new love of the book of mormon and specifically Nephi as i am almost done with 1st and 2nd Nephi. There were people that hated him and wanted to kill him and people that wanted him to be thier king. But Nephi was always the most humble and obedient person and he just used every opportunity he had to teach those around him. I am so happy here and cant imagine the day when i have to/get to come home. Its going to be the most bittersweet thing ive ever done.

Thanks Tanner and Kaitlyn for your letters. Tanner, you are one funny dude. That cheered me up and i do not remember any of your quotes….sorry, thats what the mission does to you. I cant wait to hang out with you when i get home. Your already driving and getting all the ladies. what a stud. I miss you and your letters are short yet meaningful so thank you for that. Enjoy your date this weekend and did you ever bust out the guitar?

Kaitlyn, Im sorry you dont feel good on your birthday weekend. I wrote you a letter but the problem is we had a spanish holiday and the weekend and was gone for pday and so i still havnt been able to send it. You will get it really late but just know that you have a birthday letter in the mail from me. I love you so much and Mom and Dad were both bragging about you in thier letters this week. Your so awesome and i will send that letter asap. Im glad you had a fun Birthday.

Brynlee. Daddy told me you hugged the TV when you saw me. That makes me cry because i miss you so much an want to hug and squeeze you. I hope everyone in the family is giving you extra love for me. Your the cutest little person I know and i still plan on bringing you a spanish flamenco dress when i come home. I love you sweet little girl. I also got letters from Hayden and Kimbrie and i know you all are thinking about me often and i thank each and every one of you. your all my favorite people.

This week we find out if anything is happening so i will let you know next MONDAY!!! also we are going to Merida for a district Pday so im pretty sure we are still gonna email. if it be there or here before or after i leave, im not sure but you can expect to find out whats happening then. I havnt even thought about it much. i would like to just stay here and keep going with elder manning but its been about 3 and a half months together now in our first areas and he is my trainer so its sort of unlikely that nothing happens. we shall see tho. ¡Que viene, que va! that basically means “what comes what ever!”

I LOVE YOU ALLL AND THE GOSPEL AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! im super happy guys. everything is going good here. ive completely lost myself in the work. the dumb little things that i used to care about arnt important to me any more. i just want to help people find this happiness. ill tell you all a really cool story next week. LOVE YOU! ¡¡¡¡OS AMO MUCHISIMO MI QUERIDA FAMILIA!!!!!

con cariño de españa,
Élder Nally

                            david and andreia and then the parents. Hernani and Maria Cerqueira and Andreias mom Laura who came to see what her daughter was wanting to do so bad.
Cake thing is a bunch of tuna sandwitches with mayonaise spread on top. it looks cool. huh. Hernani, the father of David made it. he is a cook at Tanuki San the japonese restaurante we eat at.

tapas of jamon are a lunch we had with a member. thats a VERY typical spanish food. bread with a slice of cured ham on it.

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