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Team Nephi (Week 22)

September 6, 2011
hey all,
it sounds like mom and dad are having a fun vacation. I hope all you kids had a good time at home with grandma.
This week was crazy but first moms questions.

Are you doing okay?
I would say i am doing……fantabulously fantastic. BUENISIMO y GENIAL
i love life and i love mission and i love eveything! im in great condition and am super happy and working really really hard.

Did your air conditioning ever get fixed?  I hope you are drinking enough and staying hydrated.
it did! they came this week por fin.(finally) and it is so nice to come home and have fresh cold air flowing.
I drink water plenty. sometimes we just go into bars and they give us water. its a law that they have to. we get wierd looks and naughty things shouted at us but the waters clean and free so hey. we do it anyway.

Any baptism dates set?  I know those seem to change a lot, but I wondered if anyone was getting closer.
we have a baptism that is 100 percent for sure this week. Andreia is getting baptised and im so excited for that. she is awesome and i will send pictures of the baptism next week. Kariny is getting really close too but we might have to change the date so her mom (inactive) can come. we really think that will help thier family so i will keep you updated on that one.

Any neat experiences that you can share with us from this week?
I will share my whole week with you right NOW. Shooooooo

TUESDAY (30) – We went out to Cáceres for the District Meeting and we learned a lot together. Then, we went to the house of a part member family and those elders have two investigators that got baptized this week. but when we went only one was this week so Elder Manning did the baptismal interview and we taught the other one. Mauricio is the dad and joined the church a few months ago. he is way cool and his wife is the sweetest. Silvia is her name. Theres 4 kids and none are baptised but, Sofia had a baptism this saturday. When we got home to Badajoz we ran around town like crazy and taught 4 different lessons and they were all great.

WEDNESDAY (SEPTEMBER!!! 1) – how fast time flies. we are out of summer here as it has cooled off and rained a bit this week. We had a bunch of plans for the morning. But, the fixer guys for our air conditioning ( who were supposed to show at 9 so they could leave before we needed to) came right before we left and ended up taking 2 and a half hours. and we cant leave people in our piso so we had to study all morning. But, one of the members needed our help picking him up from the train station and we had no way of contacting him and telling him we couldnt come. finally they left and we went to help but he already had it taken care of. so after lunch we went out to the outskirts of town in some work clothes and helped Marcia (karinys mom) and her two daughters move. that took almost all afternoon and then we went and taught our investigator Lorena who has been out of town a lot. she is going out of town again. but, we thought she was going back to school in another town and we were going to lose her but she decided to stay in town the rest of the year and she still wants to be baptized so hopefully i stay for that. (Transfers are coming up on the 20th)

THURSDAY (2) – We planned all morning and it was raining all day super hard which was really fun for me. Elder Manning didnt like it as much. But, we helped marcia and the girls some more and taught our best friend Lidia. She is just awesome and had another question and we helped her with it with a great analogy about the charity burrito. she loved it since shes mexican

FRIDAY (3) – We went to domingos in the morning like every friday. he sends his regards and hopes you dont miss me too much. he told me i have to make you all tortilla de patatas when i get home. but its called tortilla de domingo cuz i have to do it like he does. so theres something to look forward to. We helped marcia with an emergancy. she just needed to get the last few things out of the old piso before the new people came to look at it. then we had another emergency and had to catch a bus to caceres again because silvia decided she wanted to be baptized with her daughter and she needed her interview. so we went to do that and they made us agentine churros which were super yumy and he showed us some cool things he does for work. he makes signs for big companies. then, we missed our bus because apparently the winter bus schedule starts on sep 1st and we missed the buss by 10 min. we ended up catching a train that night but our whole day was messed up from all the emergencies.

SATURDAY (4)- We played Futból in the morning and then made some past for lunch and met some good kids in the game so we are gonna try and start teaching some of them. i hope they come next week. Then we went to the church and met with chema who is our ward mission leader and has been on vacation all summer and is prepping to go to greece for school. (apparently he sent me a facebook request) ha ha. he is super funny kid. but, he is passing on the baton to a new ward mission leader so we had our last meeting with him. Then we went out and had a cool experience. we prayerfully searched for a new investigator and we would not move untill we both felt like we were going in the right direction. we prayed 20 times and walked around for 30 minutes untill we found a door. and we both felt it. we started toqueing. that meens buzzing. the timbre. its a box with all the appartments number and each number has a button. the button buzzes a phone in thier apartment and they talk to you to see if they let you in or not. so we do that instead of knocking on doors. and we have competitions to see who can get us in the building. but this time…the first person that picked up didnt even say anythin. they just buzzed us in. his name is carlos and he lives in merida during the week. but he told us we could come back and meet with him next weekend. even if nothing happens (and something will no doubt) we walked away with our prayers answered having found someone who was waiting. Future Baptism? i think so….

SUNDAY (5)- We had a pretty normal sunday. The cleggs (not the pres but his cousin) came to do a fireside for the ward on families. me and elder manning helped the kids make shields of faith and they are super cool looking. We went to the Branch Presidents house for dessert after the fireside because it was his wifes birthday. I now have a new favorite cake. Pastel de Dulce de Leche. its magnificent.

Today….we had a BIG STUDY is what we called it and we studied for 6 hours. I am almost done with reading 1st nephi as i started over again (this time im marking the ink out of my pens on my mission scriptures and highlighting and spending at least an hour in each chapter. its been a really effective and fun study thus far. im definately on Team Nephi. he rocks. such faith. I also perfected a few lessons that are super cool i have prepared while on the mission and finished reading our search for happiness by elder Ballard. i got a lot done and learned a super amount of knowledge. so cool. tonight we have to go run an errand for our zone leaders at our train station on the far side of town and then we have an fhe with a family that is less active in the ward and the branch president wants our help with them. Im super happy and even though a lot of junk popped up this week and messed up our plans. we still worked hard and had a great week.

I have found a new fondness for a scripture i once counted as my favorite. 2 nephi 31:20 it teaches us what really is “endure to the end”
its having faith, hope, charity, and searching the scriptures because if we love god we keep his commandments John 14:15. If we exhibit those three things we are set to go. I just love the scriptures and i cant wait to come home and share with you the amazing things i learn every day out here. i love you guys!
cant wait to hear from all of you next week! if any of you kids find your selves playing videogames or sitting in front of the tv, take 15 minutes to write big brother Trevor. he hasnt heard from ya in a while.

Elder Nally
tearing up the spain.

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