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Badajoz Forever (Week 21)

September 6, 2011

 Family Dearest I love you all so much,
How are you all doing. You amazing people you? This week was quite literally amazing as is all the rest of them. Sorry to say i have not yet recieved the package but no doubt it will come this week.

Sounds like you all had good weeks at school and church and work and home. It feels wierd as it gets to the point where i cant remember what it smells like and feels like to be there. I miss home but its starting to get to the point that i only think about it when i sit down at this computer.
So i think i left off on friday so heres saturday the 20th till today

SATURDAY: We went and played football in the morning with some kids. we get some excercise and find investigators through that so its always a highlight of the day. we started fasting that day after lunch for Andreia and so that was sweet cuz we had our last cita with her. and by that i mean we taught the last lesson she needs before her baptism. David has been out of town so we made sure to teach it all before and just because i cant wait to tell you,,, she has not smoked once since then and shes not going to ever again!!!!! and her father (step dad) is going to allow her and her mother allready has so shes going to be baptized a week from this saturday and im supper excited for that.
SUNDAY: We ate with the Branch Presidents family after church and yes mom, many people are feeding us and im starting to put some weight back on because of how much we ate this week. so thanks for feeding Elders ABLE and DUKE. tell them i say hi and hope thier doing well. It also rained and we had a bunch of visits with some inactive members that all turned out great. I started studying Faith Hope and Charity and how they all relate to each other. I have now prepared a really cool lesson on it with a bunch of scriptures and it all started with Alma 7:24! Super cool. I learned alot about how we need to rely in our Savior.
MONDAY: last pday and i cant beleive its already been a week. after some letters and cleaning and shopping we didnt have much time to do anything super cool but it was a nice relaxing day and we got some laundry done and emailed. we went to a FHE with the DaSilvas. thier from ANGOLA and are a super cool family. i love them. it was a fun nite and we had warm rice and milk. super good.
TUESDAY: We had a district meeting here in Badajoz in our church and then we went and ate at the Chavez thier are a young couple with a super young daughter like 2 and she loves me. she always hugs my leg its so cute. they gave us some columbian stake witch is like a juicy skinny pork chop. but beef. it was yummy. and kiwi juice. thats different but i like it. We get to eat all sorts of food from all over the world here. its super cool. This was the mark of 6 months in the mission for ELDER MANNING WOO HOO so we went and had a fhe at the Macias and they live like an hours walk from here so we hiked out there to the nice home part of the city and they gave us time to teach a cool lesson about being examples to thier friends and then cooked us really good barbaque. Theres something here called Pancheta thats really thick cut bacon and it is way good. We went home and elder manning burned a tie cuz thats a mission tradicion here that you burn a tie when you hit six months. This week we bonded a lot more. This kid right here sitting next to me is my best friend. You will no doubt be meeting him after the mission. we have grown very close.
WEDNESDAY: I Memorized Dand C 4 in spanish which was really fun cuz it just sounds super cool in spanish. i say it while we walk around to practice and its been a goal of mine to start memorizing stuff i had in english in spanish. We went to a little pueble in villafranca this week to visit my first baptism ANTONIO. that guy is such a stud. hes started coming to church every sunday even though its a 1.5 hour drive and he is kind of poor. he is so faithful. we try to travel out to the pueblos when we can to visit with the members and investigators out there. but it takes up almost the whole day. and its expensive. but it was fun and his wife cooked way good food for us. Antonio was one of the “144,000 saved ones” that the jehovas witnesses believe in and he was a huge general representative of spain but he was just searching the truth and finally found it. so now i guess theres only 143,999 saved ones. oops. That night me and Elder Manning had a really good talk about us as a companionship and who we are and what weve become and we just really bonded and it was a really turning point in our relationship and we are working together even better than we were. we are still the youngest companionship but no doubt the greatest!!!!!! Badajoz forever. i love this place.
THURSDAY: We planned in the morning and set some big goals because we have at least 3 more weeks together and we want to make the most of it. We went and ate at the Japonese restaurant. Then i got my super nice pen inscribed. i will send a pic of that next week. We had a normal day until some crazy things started happening this week. We went to pass by an investigator that was in the area and as we entered the building his neighbor was leaving and one of her kids recognized us. (we had talked to him a few times in the street) he asked us what we were doing and we told him going to visit Balbino. and her (the neighbor) face dropped and she told us that Balbino passed away the day before. We dont even know exactly what happened. but, he was old and sick and depressed so it wasnt super shocking but definately not expected. the next few days were really sad and hard.
FRIDAY: WE had a long day thinking about what happened and praying and going about our normal day. I relied a lot on my testimony that day as it was long and very difficult
SATURDAY:We ate with members and played futbol and contacted and taught 4 or 5 lessons and it ended with a ward activity in the church where they watched a movie and we had burgers after. we only went for the burgurs because we cant resist good old american barbaque……it wasnt the same but what can you do…
SUNDAY: We had a great day with both Andreia and Kariny at church and eat with some members and had some amazing lessons.

It was overall a great week. Kaitlyn thanks for your email and i hope you have a great week and Tanner go for it with the guitar man. just take care of my baby.

I love you all so much and let me know if you have any questions.
I was just about to load on some pictures when i realized i forgot my camera at home. I promise i will send lots next week.
I love you all
Elder Nally

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