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BOOM! (Week 20)

August 22, 2011

¡Querida Familia Mia!
¿Que Tal todos? Seguro que si, a mi me aperece que han tenido un buenisima semana de escuela.
Hey all! it sure sounds like you all had a great week of back to school!!! (translated)
I sure love you guys and hearing about all your fun stuff. This week was a great week for me. i got lots of fun stuff to tell you. But, first i shall answer some questions…

Did your air conditioning get fixed?
eh… but luckily ir has cooled off at night a little and the last couple days especially have been fine. we have two fans and elder manning sticks his right on his feet and i stick mine right on my head. we have some restless nights still but nothing like last week. im pretty sure the most part of the heat is behind us now. it rained all day yesterday. that was a blessing and i got to walk around with an umbrella (paragua in spanish) that was wicked fun. Thanks for that weather update father. that gives me hope. it was wierd to see it in farenheit. my first reaction was….WHAT WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! oh hes talking in farenhiet. My brains already used to kilos and kilometers and celcius. i weight 102 kilos and im interested….what is that in pounds? i know ive lost a lot of weight but im unsure exactly… so yup. our neighbors below us are out of town so theres nothing we can do till they get back. we left a nice note on a apple post-it sticky and our number so we will be fine no worries. please dont freak out. its hard but what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.

How is the teaching going?  Have you started teaching any of the people you talked to on the street last week?  The teaching this week. let´s be honest. it was amazing. Me and Elder Manning learned a lot in our district meeting last week and totally implemented it all. it just feels so great to testify and watch the light in someones eyes as what you say is carried to thier hearts by the spirit. Its just awesome. We had some great lessons and we did teach one of those futures we found. the rest of them mostly only gave us thier info so we would leave and they didnt think we would come back. But, even then we planted some great seeds as we shared short lessons at thier door and left them with some “salsa en la barba” ill explain that below.

Hey, do you ever ride buses or always walk.  Why don’t you ride bikes? Well we have bus cards and we can use them. but, we have to wait usually about 15 or 20 minutes for a bus and we can usually walk there faster than that with our awesome speed power walking abilities so we dont use it that often. when we need to we use it but the area we work in is all mostly within walking distance. well…for us. and we dont use bikes i think because of 1 all the cobble stone streets and uneven roads and pavements. i think they tried it before and there were accidents which leads me to 2 spaniards are crazy drivers and the streets get really tight. some of the alleys we walk down would be really dangerous with a bike cuz of cars that zoom by with out looking. so….i am not completeyly sure but thats what i think…yup

So this week.

Last Tuesday when i wrote you. We had our district meeting up in caceres and had to travel up there. While we were there and talking about our purpose and what we can do to help people… Elder Manning whipped up a little analogy in his head and shared it. “Sometimes the old guy with the beard just eats the barbaque untill he rolls over and falls asleep in pain. The meal didnt seem worth it but when he wakes up, he has a nize little bit of sauce in his beard and he just licks it and goes mmmmm” we all laughed but then in planning session later in the week we decided the rest of our time together we really want to focus on charity and leaving sauce in the beard with everyone we talk to. so Salsa en la Barba is how you say that in spanish and its our new little lema (motto)  That day we were walking here to the locatorio to write you guys when a guy stopped us and said oh hey im from the dominican republic and i got baptised in 83. his name is Eugenio Gomez and i figure theres a slim chance that Jeff knows him but run it by him and see. He has since become inactive but this week came to church with us and had a great experience. BOOM reactivated. miracles. everyday. im telling ya.

WEDNESDAY: We woke up like any other day and excercised and studied. then we went to the capilla (church) and picked up our good buddy David boyfriend of Andrea our investigator. and he came with us all day. he wants to get around with us a lot before he enters the mission. we went out to our investigator katrini and gave her a scripture to read and left it in her hands with the tv off and nothing to distract her and told her if you dont read these 3 verses then were not coming back to teach you. She has had 50 missionaried before and knows everything but she is just a rebellious youth and doesnt want to do the homework. she wants to change. just doesnt want to read and pray like we commit her to do. so. we went on our day. ate with isabel tena and her son and a friend she invited. the 6 of us had a nice afternoon as we ate the MOST common spanish meal. Paella with tapas of Jamón. Super good. then we were informed by david that our investigator andrea has a smoking problem but doesnt want to inform us. but that is ok because this week we had plans to teach the word of wisdom. We taught English Class that night to a girl who used to investigate the church Maria Jose is her name and she is learning english and has a big test coming up so we are helping her with that and leaving messages and commitments with her little by little. shes a nice girl just doesnt have much interest in spiritual things.  Then we ate at Juan Luis and Lidias house. They are just a little bucket of miracle stories. i dont ever have time to tell all of thier stories but after the mission, this is the family that i will without a doubt keep in contact with. she calls us her NIÑOS and that means boys really but she just treats us like her kids and feeds us soo much food. and its legit mexican food. i NEVER would have thought but because Spain is a big melting pot for the spanish culture we eat so many different kinds of foods. On wednesday they gave us a soup made of corn and cabbage and pork. you put spicy super spicy salsa on it and lime fresh and other stuff. i was dieing cuz i couldnt fit it all in and then i found a huge chunk of fat. and i couldnt eat it. i just told her if she made me eat anymore…these are my exact words….my poor weak non mexican stomache will burst and i will die. she laughed and didnt make me eat any more.
The craziest part of that day was when we went to go try some of those contacts. and we met a man from brazil named daniel. he has 3 boys one was born last week and his mother in law and her husband who are falling apart live there. They are all very religious and David helped us out a lot since he speaks portuguese and they have only lived here for 3 years so thier accent is super hard to understand. We had a great completely normal lesson and they accepted everything we taught. THEN duh duh duh. cuz it never goes perfect…..they wip out thier bibles and all these papers and pamphlets and boom after nodding thier heads and smiling through everything we had to say they wipped out thier “fight with the mormons” materials. well we werent gonna sit there and bible bash so we wrote down any questions and doubts they had and very politely invited them to pray with us. he accepted but then we sat for 5 minutes and nothing happend and he said he was waiting for someone….well after 5 minutes and we were already needing to get david to the capilla so his dad could pick him up…knock knock knock… and a cousin or some relative and her daughter come in and all the women immediately put table cloths on thier heads and we all kneel down and i say in english ok this is wierd and elder manning gives me a look and all of a sudden Daniel starts praying but its like shout praying and hes saying really wierd stuff and its in portugese and im trying not to laugh and david just looks scared. it was i kid you not a 10 minute prayer and everyone else was mumbleing wierd religious things under thier breath and repeating things he was saying in the prayer. We were like…..Ok…. see ya later (not)       Fun Day huh?
THURSDAY: Equally fun we went out to Karini for a morning cita and lo and behold. SHE HAD READ!!!! never before had she done that and even her mom was surprised and happy and shes inactive and usually doesnt ever help us but we were just so happy that i went into a bakery and bought myself a donut and i sat on a bench and me and elder manning smiled and yelled and ate donuts. it was so awesome of a feeling to see the immense change shes made since the first cita where she was lauching at everything and making jokes and yelling at her step dad and not really listening to us. whooo. im so happy just thinking about it. then we had a cita with Andrea after our weekly planning which we did at the capilla to save time. we watched the testaments with her in portuguese so now ive seen that movie in 3 languages. (i watched it in english where the words actually match up to the mouth and then in spanish where the words dont match but the voices decently match up. then in portuguese and thats just funny the deep wierd thick voices coming out of the 5 year old girl. ha ha ha ha) but that aside it was an extremely spiritual experience and we taught her afterwards about faith in christ and how she needs to talk to her step dad before she gets baptised cus she needs his permission. we told her about fasting and planned a fast for later in the week. then we ate at juan luis and lidias agai but this meal was WAY better. we had this thing called mole. which is a sauce and she put in on spare rib which was delicious and also i thought this was gonna be so gross and gagged when i saw it but we also had cow tounge tacos. that was actually really good. i like it.
FRIDAY: we ate tortilla with domingo in the morning like always and i just love that man. hes so sweet natured and calm. i bought a couple new ties at a chinese pawn shop cuz i am in desperate need for new ones. they are pretty cool. ill need to get more in the future but i just got a couple to through into the rotation and hold me off for a little while longer. the problem is they get sweaty and dry multiple times a day and get all gross and most of them arnt dryer and washer safe so. i have like 3 that have lasted great still and they were those 100 perc poly ones from polmeroys.

im out of time. but long story short. We had 3 more citas with andrea this week because david is going to the temple in madrid for a week and has a youth activity for a week. so the next two weeks we will only see her on sunday when she comes to church. we taught her all the commandments and…she gave up smoking! she decided with us right then and there that she would never do it again. so pray for her and the strength she will need. we fasted with her and she should have talked with her step father by now. we will find out this week. Theres plenty more that i will tell you next week.
it was a great week. i love you guys so much. i sent a bunch of letters this week. so hopefully you all get them and tanner and shanas letters will be in the mail this week.

your awesome. have a great week
Elder Nally

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