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Miracles in the Mission Field (Week 19)

August 19, 2011

Hey familia!!!!
I hope all yous back home are doing well. Thanks mom for getting those adresses for me. I´ll be writing a bunch of letters next monday. Sounds like you all had a great week. I just love hearing about all the great stuff you guys do!
To answer your question Dad, (Paë in portuguese) it has not cooled off. There have been one or two days where its rained and cooled off for the morning but by the afternoon its just hot again. Our air conditioner in the piso does not currently function so we have not been sleeping too much this week. we have awesome bags under our eyes. we are waiting for the guys to take care of the problem but spaniards are lazy and we are surffering for it. I have a story in relation to that that i will tell later.
So, this week.
Monday: I started in a new planner and thus made a clean start with my goals this week. I have been focusing on clean living, writing in my journal, more effective studies, more meaningful prayers, serving my companion, my attitude, and speaking only spanish when im outside our piso. It sure sounds like a lot and that it was. But, i saw so much improvement this week and Elder Manning can attest to that as he helped me with my goals. This week literally was the worst week of my mission and the best one as well. After Emailing you guys we had a cita with José Maria one of our investigators. The lesson was kind of sketchy and we could tell something was up so that night we prayed to know what we needed to do with him.
Tuesday: Answer to a prayer. We met him in the street super drunk and toppling over. Turns out hes been lying to us all and “investigating” the church so his girlfriend who is a member (Isabel Tena) would let him live there. But she finally saw the light and kicked him out that same day and no longer speaks with him. She went to the bishop and is getting all problems takin care of. So that house is finally at peace. Whepwh what a relief. This same day we passed by an inactive member that we had found by circumstance and she wouldnt let us in the first time. but we felt like we should pass by and it turns out she was home alone and let us in. we found out her doubts and why she was offended and left her with a great message. She told us we can come back when ever and she wants to feed us. her name is creosa and we are going to work with her poco a poco little by little to get her back to church.
Wednesday: we said good by to Elder Hafen after our last district meeting with him. the rest of us are staying for a time and it was neat as he shared his strong testimony with us. hes a stud missionary and is now in puerta de santa maria where ther is a us military base. amarican food…….mmmm. Elder Shaver stayed with us for the day and we ate the most amazing hotdogs from a store our members own. huge hot dogs. with tons of yumy stuff on it. ill send pics.
Thursday: We had our weekly planning and then went to pick up David, the boyfriend of our portuguese investigator andrea and he came on splits with us. i went with him and manning and shaver went together. it was supper fun and in an hour we found 4 great people that could potentially be future investigators. for here. that is a miracle. we normally fine 1 or 2 futures a day. i felt so good. then we picked up my old comp elder allred who is elder shavers new comp. it was fun to see him for 15 seconds as they barely cought thier next bus up to thier area. that was a miracle too.
Friday: we were very tired at this point having not slept much. we had a fairly normal day. we ate with Domingo like we do every friday. he is inactive because he cant leave his house due to a heart problem. he is a super sad man but has so much faith and for that is always happy. he makes us tortilla de patatas every friday.
Saturday: We woke up super sick well, didnt really wake up because we couldnt sleep at all that night. we normally would go play futbol with some kids and investigators and members but we had no energy to do that. we decided to just get up get dressed and leave and follow the spirit. we wanted to see the lord bear us up and he did as we prayed for just that. somehow we found strength. had a ful day of contacting and found 10 PEOPLE!!!!! on one huge street that we worked on all day. another miracle. we walked by a house that was blaring music and just started dancing for 5 seconds. we laughed cuz we were so week that we could barely do that. but it was such a hard/great day. we ended by getting one cita with Karini our investigator and had a great lesson with her. shes preparing for baptism and came to church this week which was great. she made friends with the youth and we are excited for her.
Sunday: was a long day as well full of meetings and we ate with Hernani and his family and David whos is Hernanis son and Andrea came. We ate something that can be best described as a Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich Cake. I will send a picture. Best part…..SMOTHERED WITH MAYONNAISE!!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!! if you dont know how i feel about mayonnaise, well….lets just say it wasnt the easiest thing to eat.
But, We had a full day with a lot of great lessons and then got home. Planned, and crashed and finally slept well for it had cooled off.
Monday: PDAY but…..Its a holiday woooo. so, every and i mean every single store and thing with a door….was closed. so, sorry i couldnt email yesterday. i wanted to, just couldnt. We rested all day and i beat elder manning at chess. Then when Pday ended we had and FHE with the DaSilvas. The Africans in the Branch. It was super fun. I love that family and will send a picture from a while ago that i dont know if i sent already or not.
Martes:(ha ha i typed that and then realized it was in spanish… means tuesday….just go with it) We went to caceres for the whole morning for a district meeting. learned some great things. Sorry dad, i had to pull out money cuz our reimbursements are coming this week and because of all the crazy travels 2 weeks ago i am out of money. i spent over 100 euros getting down to malaga and back. but, the good news is that i am soon recieving 150 euros of reimbursements and 150 euros of monthly allowence so i should not have to tough that account for a while. finally, i can rely soley on the mission funds. I promise i will one day pay you back for all that.
So, today we had another cita with andrea and watched finding faith in christ. in portugues of course. im learning some cool stuff. how to say fork in portuguese….GARF its fun to say try it. Its been really interesting seeing the creative ways we come up with to teach someone that doesnt speak the same language as you. She is a great girl and this saturday we are fasting for her step father to allow her to get baptized. Myself Elder Manning David and Andrea are sure we will see a miracle as we fast with the faith we just learned about.
So basically i love spain and the mission and my companion and the members and my investigators and the lord oh and you guys are awesome to and I JUST STINKIN LOVE LIFE!!!!! I LOVE SPANISH. its such a cool language and i finally am feeling super comfortable with is. apparently i talk in spanish in my sleep sometimes. dont tell my future wife about that. Ive cought elder manning doing it too. Well, I love you all so much.

Tami and Scott,
you can all expect letters in the mail in 2 weeks.
And others that i think of when i start writing.
please read Alma 7 together and pay attention to verses 11-13
how lucky are we to be the Lord´s people
isnt he just awesome. I learn so much every day. i hope your all doing well.
Till next week
and con cariño
Elder Nally






















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