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The Gift of Tongues (Week 18)

August 8, 2011

Today when mom got on the email, Trevor was on at the same time! They got to chat over email for a few minutes which is awesome! Thank you, technology!! Looks like Elder Nally and Elder Manning get to stay together in Badajoz for another 6 weeks…I’m sure they’re so happy!

Hola Querida Familia,

I enjoyed very much all your emails this week. I got your package in the mail this morning with all the Photos! it made me so happy that i was jumping and even took a picture with the keychain. Now I´ll never forget my keys!!! YES!!!!! So yes, I was in Cáceres last week for P-Day. It wasnt a zone pday. we would have had one but our zone is on the other side of spain so by the time we traveled there we would have had to come home. So, instead we had a district one. Its just the 4 of us that you will see in the pictures im sending. It was very fun. We went to “Old Cáceres” and when we say old….we are talking older than Jesus Christ him self. This little town is over 2500 years old. CRAZY huh? i took a picture with this statue here. its a CURA and a CALLER a CURA is a catholic priest and they dress up during the holy week to symboliz pentance or something wierd like that. So, we were about to come home to Badajoz at the end of the day when SURPRISE, Elder Shaver the DL realized that we had to do an exchange during the transfer and there was no time to do it. so, without clothes or toiletries or anything i needed. i stayed in caceres the night and shaver came here with manning. Myself and Elder Hafen had a day together. He is a great kid from utah. we learned a lot together and had some great lessons. we set a baptismal date with one of the people we passed by. it was totally unexpected but we felt the spirit prompt us to do it and now they are prepàring david for baptism.

Then i had less than 24 hours once i got back to get packed and we grabbed another bus to Sevilla where we spent the night. (in route to malaga) and did some great things there and met some great people. We continued our journey to Malaga Early early the next morning. like 430 in the morning.

We took a bullet train strait to the center of malaga and landed only 5 minutes from the chapel so some elders came and picked us up. We had a great meeting. 8 hours long with a lunch break. i got roped into a last minute music number with elder manning and 2 other really good singers. it was the coolest thing to sing with all those good singers. we sounded amazing! it was super spiritual. i learned a ton of things that i need to change and be better at. We then took a 7 hour bus back to Caceres and the next morning caught a bus to Badajoz. It felt like coming home having been out of the city the whole week. Saturday we found out that we are both staying so we have been working so hard the last 3 days to get clean and organized for a fresh start we have. we are going to set some high goals and see many more miracles here.

Yesterday was our testimony meeting as well and i bore my testimony to our branch. they are just so awesome. i love them all so much and im so happy that i have some more time here with them. im sure i will love my other areas as well but i have a hard time imagining anything better than BADAJOZ!!!!

So this last week and a half we started teaching someone new. Her name is ANDREA and this is really a cool story and a bit of a miracle. She is Portuguese and not only that but she LIVES IN PORTUGAL. She is the girlfriend of a member named David who is currently awaiting his mission call. We have gone out to portugal a couple times to eat and the last time we were there, they told us that she wanted to investigate the church to understand why her boyfriend is going to leave. so every sunday. we go out there to eat and after teach her a lesson. and also they come to the chapel here once a week so we have 2 lessons with her everyweek. now we have had 3 and heres the crazy part. she doesnt speak spanish and we dont speak portugues. we just talk and she listens and we ask her if she understands and she just says its like shes hearing portugues in a wierd accent. She understands every word and has totally accepted the gospel and wants to change her life. she is getting baptized on the 3rd of september

Its so great to see people change for the gospel. the other miracle is her parents who are strict catholics are totally ok with it and says they are “de acuerdo” of accordance. So we are super duper excited that we get to be here for her and our other investigators to see there baptisms. so yes, i do have a few questions i want to ask real quick!

Whats everyones opinions about school starting? i cant believe its already over. what a fast summer.

Whats the best part about your summer thus far?

Hows Hershey doing!?

Will you guys send me some just funny pictures? maybe you could take some for a fhe one night! that would be sweet.

so ya i love you all so much have a great week and untyill next time
con cariño
Elder Nally

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