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Two Stories (Week 16)

August 2, 2011

July 25, 2011


How are you all doing!? from your letters and postcards and emails it sounds like your all doing great. I dont have that much time so i will start with this…moms question
“It sounded like you and Elder Manning didn’t anticipate being together much longer in your letters this last week.  When are transfers?  Do you usually only stay with your trainer for one transfer?”
So typically how this works is you get trained by someone for 6 weeks and then someone else finishes your training for 3 weeks and you finish the transfer with them. but, both i and elder manning came in on half transfers (3weeks) and he started training before his training was done. So, usually no one stays with their first trainer more than 6 weeks. but, i was with Elder Manning for 9. So this next transfer, we dont exactly know. I know i will know before i write you on monday the 8th of August wether i stay or go. Its possible but not likely that both I and Elder Manning stay here together. Its also most likely that one of us stays here. My guess is thats probably him. But, Our mission president is SUPER unpredictable when it comes to transfers so i have no idea. I only know that im super happy with what ever happens. And that you guys probably shouldnt send anything after next friday so if your gonna send something, do it before!
So i have a neat story or two to share from this week.
STORY 1: We were walking by the hospital this week and a fellow in the parking lot asked us what we were doing so of course i jumped at the opportunity and started giving my shpeal about how were missionaries and we share the message of Christs restored gospel and how it will bless thier lives. So he and his wife came over and are super excited and give us thier number and address and i think i have told you about basitos already? But, its a greating and a parting gesture where they kiss you on both cheeks. Now as missionaries were instructed NOT to take basitos, unless they are really old crazy ladies and its just whatever or if the person will get offended. now, i didnt know if i was in either of those situations nor did i have time to think. Because, for my first time this lady whos kind of crazy. quickly went into my face for the kisses (basitos) and boom boom! i stood there a kissed and confused missionary. elder manning was laughing and then she went in for him and he just took them cuz i already did. But, when we go to her house this week we have to explain that we cant do that as missionaries. I felt so violated.
STORY 2: Every friday. We go out to the house of a member named DOMINGO. and he feeds us this Tortilla de Patatas. Which is my favorite by the way. And he feeds us it every week every friday. So we went out thee and he started talking to us while we were eating and hes just a super nice old man. he is inactive and says its because he has a heart problem and cant walk to the capilla. we have offered him a priesthood blessing but he says he has an operation in march and he will come after that. but he has these canaries that sing while we eat and the window is open so you can here the busy streets and its just a great feeling as i sit there with my name tag and think. Wow, im a missionary in spain.

Well i dont have much time. But, I love you all. and, if you ask questions, i can think of cooler stuff to tell you! so for FHE this week you all shall write one questiona and mother dearest can email it to me! K?
I love you all so so so so so so much!
con cariño,
Elder Nally

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