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“If anything, I’ve learned that the time I have out here is precious” (Week 17)

August 2, 2011

August 1, 2011


another week goes by before i can even blink. This week we did a deep clean of our apartment. found a lot of new investigators, had some great lessons, and did a lot of work to get prepared for THE PUERTAS ABIERTAS which means open house. for our new chapel that has only been in use for about 5 months. I have been super tired this week and to top it off, while the branch recieved a training from president, me and elder manning got to watch the primary for 2 hours. that was crazy!!!!! but we just kept them singing and drawing and we taught them a great lesson about the life of joseph smith and we played games and they are loud and roudy and obnoxious but the best was when we had them bear thier testimony and every one of them wanted to bear thier testimony. it was a fun experience. We are anticipating that hopefully both of us will get to stay here on more transfer. we dont really know but we just have a feeling that that is what will happen. i will let you know next weeik.

So it sounds like always you had a super fun week. it will be wierd when i can actually do all of that fun stuff again. Thank you hayden brogan and tanner for your emails. Tanners could have used a little more detail……ha ha. I love you dude. You seriously should tell me about your camp and the lake and all of the things youve done! Give me details man! Brogan, what a stud! your gonna do all of that in your freshman year. Just focus on your grades. with all of that packed in to your schedule your gonna be tired a lot but just make sure your doing your best and your gonna have an amazing high school experience! Im excited for you. Hayden! Thats so crazy that your already starting school. that summer went by so fast. I know your going to have a great time and learn a lot. thank you for your emails hermanito (little brother) your the coolest!

I was expecting a sweet letter or email from Kaitlyn this week. Sounds like she was busy with friends and what not. Maybe next week.

Honestly guys, i forget what all ive told you! theres so much i could tell you about this place and these people. I just dont know where to start or what ive shared.

If anything, I´ve learned that the time i have out here is precious. im enjoying every second of it. This coming saturday will be my 4th completed month in the mission. that means im one 6th of the way done. its crazy to think and after one more transfer, ill be close to 6 months. i just think about the last 6 weeks and how quick it went by. I absolutely love this place. Every day i leave our piso i find one person to talk to and i invite them to hear about our message. sometimes they have intrest, most times they are really rude. But it helps me remember everyday why im here and what im doing. I can not count the number of times i have said something to someone because i felt it in my heart and in my mind and it blessed thier lives in some way. there is nothing that brings such joy as helping people. I have such a strong testimony of this gospel. People ask me all the time…. is this what you believe. and to them i say “no, that is not what i believe, that is what i know!” I know that Jesus is our savior and redeemer, he is our friend and our brother and he saved us. and all we have to do is come unto him. and then, we can all hang out together in heaven. and play uno or what ever it is they do in heaven! Im so happy to be here even though i miss you all so much. I hope you all have a great week and i will have a lot to tell you next monday. Dad, ill be on at 5 o´clock here which is 8 in the morning in arizona on monday morning. We can have a little email chat thing. cool?

I hope shana and chrysta and scott and cheryl got my letters. i never heard if they got them or not. they can email me since its way easier.

So heres the answers to your questions mom, please ask if you think of others…

Did you have any special experiences to share with us from this week?

I actually had a really good/bad experience at the same time. alot of mixed feelings as me and Elder Manning visited Juan Luis and Lidia. We see them a lot but this had been a while since we had met with just them as recent converts they continueously have new questions and we have had inumerable experiences where a miracle has happened with this family. We always walk out of that house feeling as though the spirit worked through us to bless them and answer thier questions. But, this time was a little different. Lidia is 39 and she pretty much thinks she is our mother. She loves us to death and always wants to feed us even though they have very little. We had President and Hermana Clegg with us this week and Lidia went up to President and begged him to leave us here the rest of our missions. HA HA HA of course he told her why that wasnt possible but she was pretty upset so when we were at thier house last night she started crying and it got pretty intese because she REALLY doesnt want us to go. We explained to her that no matter when we leave we will have all of eternity to enjoy eternal life together. But, she was so emotional that she didnt want to hear it and told us to leave so we prayed for her and left. We walked home so confused because she is so faithful and always accepts what we teach her but this time she didnt want to here it. It was kind of wierd. The people love the missionaries here so much.

How is the language coming?  Can you understand everyone you speak with or are you still struggling with that?

The language is going great. every once in a while there is a bump but i can communicate pretty much everything i want to say in the words i already know. There are people that have REALLY Thick accents and thier always hard to understand even for those that speak spanish and even then i can get by. Im definately not worried about the language anymore at all. every day i see improvement and i feel like i can officially say that i am fluent in spanish. i can think in spanish and many times i dont even notice im doing it. definately not a struggle

How often do you travel to go to zone conferences?  Where do you go for them?

im prettty sure this mission does it a little diferently. normally i think its once a month. but we have it every 3 months and the other two months are called “specialized training” but its with the same people its just a bit of a different meeting. my first zone conference is this friday and we cancelled the special training during the month of july so i only had one other specialized training and it was my 2nd day in the mission. i went there before i came to my area in badajoz. so, wednesday we start traveling and go to sevilla for a day and then thursday we travel to malaga where all of the districts in our zone are meeting. its gonna be a long week and we will be out of our area for a long time. I also will find out during that time if im being transfered or not. so, the next monday i will be on email and i will tell you whats happening.

How are your investigators doing?  Any changes or progression with them?

The investigators are doing good. They are constantly changing and we add the people we find and drop the people who arnt progressing. We had a lot of baptisms fall through which apparently its SUPER HARD to baptized in july and august because people are out of town a lot  but we still have 3 really solid baptisms right now and thier names are Lorena who is a 22 yr old dancer in a traveling festival group and she has a strong testimony and has read the book of mormon and wants to be baptized the problem is she doesnt know how her family will take it but she plans on telling thim during thier vacation to the beach this week so we will see what happens. Karini is the 15 year old who has a hard family situation. her mom is inactive but doesnt help us at all. she allows us to teach her but thats it. she works soooo much so shes not around her daughters a lot. her step dad who is a member that is sort of reactivating right now… is divorcing her mom and leaving and they have a horribhle relationship. her sister is always staying out all hours of the nights and doing really bad things with friends and Karini gets pressure to do them to and has. But, she really wants to change and be happy so were working with her and its getting better. We are trying to get her to hang out with some of the youth so she can have some good influence from somewhere. The Last is José Maria who is a hard situation because he really just is getting baptized so he can marry his girlfriend who is a member, so we have taught him on and off because we wont baptize him untill we feel he is doing it for himself. But, recently we have noticed a lot of change in him so we will continue and see how he improves more. Those are the main three we are working with right now and we have about 5 others but its been really hard to meet with them so we dont know how thier all doing. Summer is soo hard on missionary work.

Are you eating good/healthy?

I am eating very healthy. I eat a lot of fruit and juice and sandwiches and pasta and soups and salads. ive lost about 25 pounds now. and its mostly from not eating that much and from all the excercise we get. But im doing great with my health and hygene. No worries there. Im taking good care of my body.

Elder Manning mentioned something about an open house for a new building in his letter.  Have you had that already?  How did it go?

We did, i forgot to tell you about it. It was Saturday and we did a lot of work for that this week advertizing it and cleaning and beautifieng the chapel. we got about 7 new future investigators from it and it was packed with members and President Clegg and some other senior missionaries who are also cleggs and are thier cousins, came. It was really a great evening and the event had a lot of success.

Do you have any pictures you could share with us?  Your blog could use some new ones 🙂

I do have some. unfortunately i dont have my camera here because im in a different city (caceres) but, i will send some next monday!!!


Elder Nally

Postscript:  These photos were taken off of the Spain Malaga Mission Blog.  We have included Sister Clegg’s description of them.

A big hand goes to these two, Elder Nally and Elder Manning.  Also a shout out for Elder Dunoskovic.  They miss you up here but                                                                know that you are doing great in Granada.


No, no, no, says this little boy who just did not want to be in the picture.  The Elders along with the Young Men and Young                                                                          Women taught Primary so that all the adults could attend a training that Elder and Hna Clegg, Jeff and Anna Koh and Pte.                                                                          and Hna Clegg did for the branch.  We are sure the Elders loved their time in Primary.



“Hermana Clegg, we don’t ever want kids!!”  Actually, that is not true, but after two hours of Primary, these two Elders will                                                                            sleep well tonight.  We left Badajoz with hearts filled with joy after experiencing a wonderful weekend.  We look forward to                                                                          next week because it is time for ZONE CONFERENCE.



We spent the weekend in Badajos with Elder Nally and Elder Manning.  Elder Clegg looks like he is happy too.  You would be too after a great Japanese meal at the restaurant of Victor who is a member of the branch; including some great sushi.  Jimeni, the first counselor in the branch of Badajos works there and served us with style.

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