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Working Missionary! (Week 14)

July 21, 2011

Familia Mia,
How are all of you doing? I hope you are all enjoying your vacation. Thats sweet that you guys are going to meet Elder Mannings family I told him last week you were all going there and he told his dad they should invite you all over.Im super jealous of you all going to the lake on the 4th we had a bit of an experience of our own on the 4th but its a looooong story and me and elder manning wrote it down. hes currently typing it out to send to his family and they are going to share it with you so you can all look forward to that surprise.
So it sounds like Uncle Lonney met Hermano Arjona. He is such a great guy. Ya he totally lent me 50 euros The office was supposed to reimburse me for my luggage and they never did so he did it out of his own pocket and then i payed him back when i got my reimbursal. Thats such a crazy story. what a small world. He is the nicest guy ever. he would give me a hug everytime he saw me ha ha. I just love that guy! im gonna try and get his email and email him. So heres the answers to all your questions.

How was your week this week?
It was a long and very short week. its wierd how time works like that. So much happened i dont know where to even start. But it was a great week. i progressed a lot in my teaching ability and in my speaking ability. It was a great week. and im happy.

Are you teaching anyone new?
Yes, we sure are! There are a couple new investigators this week. We got a call on Monday from a girl named Lorena who is GOLDEN. she has been taught before and had to go to school but shes back for the summer and wanted to meet with us. She is really pretty and shes really young 22. to be exact. but she is so smart. she read the whole book of mormon in a week and she has also read the doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price. D and C is her favorite. We set a baptismal date with her. Its after the transfer tho so i dont know if ill be here but im praying that i will get to be there to witness her baptism.

We also met Feli who is an old man and has many problems. He smokes and has a hard time giving that up. but, he wants to be happy and knows that we can help him do it so we are teaching him about repentance and how baptism will cleanse him from all his sins that he carries. We will see what happens there because we really have only met him once and im not quite sure how serious he is.

Irina came to church with us yesterday and she is continually progressing and changing her life. she is so close to her baptism we just need to get her to church again and teach one or two short lessons. she is really excited to be baptised in two weeks and that will be our next baptism here.

We also have Kiki whose real name is Francisco Manuel but no one calls him that. He has a mental condition and is hard to teach cuz he always wants to talk about caballeros (knights) and ninjas and dreams and fights and swords and cool stuff like that. He is super funny and has poofy hair. he accepts everything tho and is super innocent and wants to be baptized. it is just a slower process with him but weve been teaching him ever since elder berrett and dunoskovic left the area. (They were teaching him before) hes a stud and will most likely be baptized the same day as Irina. or thats the plan.

We are also teaching Karini who is a 15 year old brazilian girl and her mom is inactive and she has an older sister too. but her older sister Katrini. is really hard to talk to cuz shes really disrespectful. Karini was like that at first too but she has changed a lot and knows she needs to be baptized. we havnt talked to her since she was supposed to pray to find out if this is the true church so im excited to see how that went. shes a sweet heart and is very smart. her sister just isnt the best example and is making it hard.

How are things going at the Isabel Tena household?  (I think that was her name 🙂
Yup. thats the name. That has leveled out. evened out. how would you say that? the situation is better. There we go. José Maria, the drunk man who caused a lot of problems has moved out. Lourdes the crazy old lady who yells at everyone and bugs everyone has colmed down since we have been meeting with her and helping her. Juan Luis and Lidia who treat us like thier kids and we love them are recent converts and are doing much much better. Her woman that lidia was taking care of passed away after a long suffering and that makes lidias life so much less stressful especially because she doesnt work so much anymore. They were going to come on a picnic with us today but they found out one of thier daughters that lives in US sent some money so that miracle helped and they are going to pick it up tomorrow. were loaning them some money to get up there and back and they will pay us back with that money. Isabel was having bad problems with jose maria so now that hes gone that is resolved and easier to take care of and shes resolving it. she is a sweet heart and we are starting to teach her mother the gospel tonight. shes excited about that and always reffering people to us. Her son just moved in too and hes inactive i think but hes super cool and were going to activate him i hope. so ya. your prayers helped a ton. thank you so much. miracles happen like that everyday so unfortunately i think im starting to take them for grantid.

Have you had any good experiences this week to share with us?
I have a great one that we are sending to the Mannings. Sorry if it seems mean but i think it would be funnier if you read the version elder manning is sending cuz its long and detailed. so another experience. We have people that drive by drunk and stupid and pretend to do dumb things. one guy pretended to shoot us with his finger so i acted like he shot me and i fell to the ground. Elder manning just started busting up laughing. it was funny. Also, we went out to Caceres which is the other city in our district. its an hour and a half away and theres two elders there as well. our district has 4 people and 3 of us have less than 2 transfers. the DL has 4. so we are the youngest district in probably the whole world. anyway. we went out there because when we have a investigator get baptized, they come here and the dl Elder Shaver does the interview. but for them. our zone leaders have to travel 5 hours here to do it and then 5 hours back. so that wouldnt work with thier schedule and thier investigators baptism was saturday sooo elder manning got to do the interview and heres the story behind that.
Carlos. a kid from brazil. was baptized in a church soley because he wants to help people by preaching the gospel. but that church wouldnt let him do it till he had been with them for 7 years. and he was waiting. but he saw the caceres elders in the streets and went up to them and said. who are you guys. they explained and he met with them the next day. that night when he was praying to know if the book of mormon was true, his doors and windows all slammed shut and he opened his eyes and saw nothing but light, the book of mormon next to his bible and his passport which was on the table next to them for who knows why. So he got baptized less than 2 weeks later and is starting his mission papers soon. he is 19 years old and going to preach the gospel. he studies sooo much and already goes with those elders to all of thier citas. cool huh? stuff like that happens to people all over the world everyday. its not always as grand of an experience but regardless the answer always comes. this church is so true.

Do you guys cook some of your own meals or do you eat with members every night?

We do, I make and amazing tortilla de patatas. we make pasta and cereal and more cereal and drink a lot of juice. Really the members do feed us a lot. and i think cuz i dont really notice but we skip dinner a lot because were so busy and working so hard. But i have the strength i need everyday and spanish food is super good. OH! I just remembered. I went to portugal yesterday. Yup, Hernani a man in our ward took us with his family to eat. They live in a way cool town and i took some pictures for ya. But that was super cool. Who gets to go to a different country during there mission!?!?

Are you adjusting physically to all of the walking?
I am actually, Its a lot better. i still get blisters a lot but the pain doesnt ever bother me any more. after a few hours of walking your legs go numb and you can walk even faster. its way easier now than the first couple of weeks.

I definately feel your love and prayers guys thank you so much for being awesome and all that. Im working hard up here. Its getting a little toasty. nothing too bad yet tho. Elder Manning wrote you a letter and im sending it today. I wrote Ms. Van Atta a letter so whenever you guys could get me her address, that would be great. do you guys send these emails to anyone? just curious. it would be cool if you could send them to her and also to John and Sams emails and maybe thier moms could send thiers to me? if you guys could do that i would LOVE it.

Ok i still have time so spanish culture lesson.
When you greet someone your good friends with you kiss them on the cheeks. Right first then the left. Thier called Basitos. “little kisses”
When you answer the phone theres no. hi how are you. havnt heared from you in a while. im great bla bla bla. its just “digame” talk to me or tell me. but its in command form so its really blunt. and they ssay it fast so im always like uh k um hi how are you. uh can we come over tomorrow. and thier just like si and then im like k thanks bye. super short phone talkers
When you talk in person, its completely different. if you dont completely rudely interupt them they will talk your ear off for days without noticing what time it is.
When you want someone to do something you dont ask, you command. pass me the bread. you can say please but no one does.
Ya so when i get home. ill give you all basitos and talk to you for hours on end about my mission. and ill prbably be really bad at talking on the phone.

So, i got kaitlyn and shanas letters in the mail this mornig. shana yours is in the mail and kaitlyn im writing a reply and send it in the mail tonight.

I love you all so much and i wish you all a happy vacation.
Untill next week.
I love You
Elder Nally

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