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Fourth of July Present (Week 13)

July 21, 2011

My Family!!!!!!
I love you all so much!
It makes me so happy to think of you all and hear how your week went. Thanks mom and dad for your letters!
I got your package on thursday! It made me so happy to get all your letters. I wrote down some stuff to tell you all on a pad of paper so later on in this letter ill write you all your own individual parts. Cool?
So it sounds like you had a fun week. I miss Sugar Camp! hopefully you all told people i say hi! I have recently grown such a fondness for the word hi. i say hola to people all day. hola hola hola. even if we arnt going to contact people. i just want them to see me smile and say hi so that the world knows im happy. This week was such a good week. we actually had a lot of bad stuff happen like losing one of our baptismal dates and completely losing one of our investigators because he said he didnt want to meet us anymore. We also had a lot of our investigators out of town for the summer since its the week after school got out here. BUT we had so many more good experiences that just outweight the bad ones. We have been meeting with EVERY member of the church because thats the best way to do missionary work. Me and Elder Manning have been relying a lot on Preach My Gospel since were both still so young in the mission and need as much help as we can get. Thus far and hopefully more so in the future…the missionaries are giving us that help. Theres this promis in our mission from President Clegg that if the members give us 5 names of thier friends or family and they share thier testimonies and beliefs with them. Poco a Poco they will recieve the gospel. and that 1 of those names WILL be baptized. Its pretty cool and weve already seen this promise work as one of our recent members in this branch is a 1 of 5 and he is really cool. his name is Raymon but he just moved back to the dominican republic which is where he lives. he goes to a school here thats famous for its music majors. Thier all super good and the other day we walked by thier concert. Raymon plays the french horn. But anyway. These citas (appointments) weve had with members have been strengthening our relationships as we witness the strength of the spirit testify through us. We also had a couple really cool and windy days here the last couple days. It was wierd cuz its been really hot here like 105 to 110 but we just thank Heavenly Father for giving us a break from the heat. Today for Pday we went to this castle and up on the castle grounds is this park and we had a picnic and looked out on our city. it was cool. ill send pics. Dad you asked about my spanish so i thought maybe i could say some stuff and Kaitlyn can translate it for you!

Mi querido padre,
¿Es una broma que me pregunta sobre mi Español? Claro, mi Español es el mejor en todo de España. No, realmente lo mas que puedo hacer es ensenñar y entender. Cuando personas quiere hablar con mi sobre cosas com fútbol o trabajo o la vida es mas dificil para hablar porque no tengo un vocabulario perfecto. Pero, Cada Día Mejoro y cada día aprendo mas y mas. Fuera de nuestro piso hablamos solo en Españon entonces, esto es un gran ayuda a mi. Me encanta esta idioma. Claramente vio el don de lenguas en la obra. El otro día enseñé todo de una lección a nuestros amigos y investigadores. hablé sobre la caridad y como tan importante es a nosotros en esta vida. En verdad, tengo un testimonio tan fuerte de esta iglesia y yo sé que vamos a vivir juntos en felicidad en el reino celestial. os amo, os quiero mis queridos amigos, mi familia. que tenga un buena semana. Ojala que me escriben mas cartas. Chao!

So ya, i can talk to people ha ha. Its fun being able to talk in a different language. a lot of the time when i think and dream and write my brain randomly switches in and out between english and spanish. The other day i was writing in my journal and i totally wrote every other word in spanish. it was bad cuz i wasnt even thinking about it. but i guess its good too. i try to write in english in my journal tho so i can understand it all later on.
I hope all of your lice problems have gone away. In spanish the word for lice is piojos. not to be confused with pijos which is a snobby rich person. Anyway. This week I got to see some parts of the city i havnt been to yet and i was just in awe at how big it is cuz we walk around it so much and we walk like 6 to 8 miles everyday but it seems so much smaller than it really is. So now i will tell you all some stuff individually but feel free to read eachothers stuff cuz its for all of you.

Dad- i still havnt gotten a transformer/converter but i dont want to yet because right now im just mooching off of my comps. cuz he has one. ill do that later. Also i would like to share something cool with you. Ive been studying the Book of Mormon a lot and ive found that good people still have to have tests of faith. soo, God gives them a commandment or a trial thats really hard. look at nephi or the Jaredites or the Pioneers or Abraham. All of them were commanded to do something that would be sooooo hard. but they did it. and now thier faith is soooo much stronger and God could use them to build up the kiingdom. Well as it says in Ether 12:6 we must show our faith first and then we will recieve our testimonies. So, I wake up every day even though i have no energy and i just do it. Then i come home at night and see a literal strengthening of my testimony. I love this gospel so much. Also cool story. There was a day not too long ago (days and weeks all slur together) that was St John Day. Its Badajoz´s patron saint. anyway it just so happened that we bought these killer hot dogs from a members resteraunt that night and went up on our roof not knowing what day it was. and while we were eating them there was this amazing fireworks show. the coolest one ive ever seen. we counted that as our fourth of july celebration. I hope you all have a great 4th of July. Our country is awesome.

Mom-I got your package and the pictures are awesome. Me and elder manning have made a collage of pictures on our fridge so when ever you want to send more. please do! I have lost a lot of weight already and im sure i will continue to do so but as of this morning i weighed 104 kilos which is like 228 or something like that. i was 245 when i left. i can tell my face has slimmed out a lot. Also i dont like the milk here. it has a wierd taste that makes me gag. so, you may find it interesting that i have obtained a recent love of soy milk. our fridge is stocked with it and i have all kinds. strawberry vanilla chocolate and plain soy milk. yummm! also here they have a dring that is called lechezumo. it literally translates to milk juice. and thats what it is. its delicious. right now we have 4 baptisms in the next 3 weeks. so you will see pictures of those soon i hope. some of them are struggling tho so i dont know if they will all go through but. Pray for Katrini and Karini who are brazilian sisters and are 17 and 15. Pray for KiKi who is 33 and a little confused about how there is only one true church. but by this time next week he will know. also pray for Irina who is a miracle story i will tell you another day and has truly changed her life but refuses to come to church. if she had come to church she would already be baptized. I love you and i can feel your love and prayers here in spain.

Kaitlyn-How was Girls camp? tell me all about your spiritual experiences and what you learned. i love talking about gospel stuff. Im so proud of you for getting up on my wakeboard. take a cool picture with it and send it to me and have people take pics of you riding. im so happy!!!! Also, thank you for your example in my life. I like having a little sister who is better than me. You have such a strong testimony and i miss you so much. your my best friend and i love your quotes. keep them coming. also please obtain Sister Van Attas information for me. i need to write her en español. gracias. oh ya, instead of basketball courts, every chapel in spain has a ping pong table. little known fact.

Tanner- Hey hot stuff! how you doin? your letter was really short! why? dont be lazy and write me a good letter this week. i know your on vacacion and have time to do it so do it. also i sent you a bday letter that you will be getting today. Dad says your doing odd jobs. werent you gonna work for grandpa? when does that start or is it not going too. also congrats to you on getting almost up on the wakeboard. you also need to have people fotograph you. in spain people drink something called gaspacho. its a puree of tomatoes onions and other vegetables with oil and is usually drinkin cold as a juice. its nasty. but members give it to us sometimes so i have to eat it. you should make it some time. just throw it all in a blender. also here every bathroom has a biday. i dont know how to spell it but you can look it up. basically its next to the toilet and when your done takin care of business you scoot over and rinse off your rear area. it just shoots a stream down there. ive tried it a few times cuz we have one in the piso. its wierd.

Brogan-Good for Jimmer. When you wrote that letter it was my first day in the field. Please do read the BoM that many times. you would be such a stud with a testimony if you do. Please do that. Read it once every year and then sqeauk in one more before the mission. How was EFY tell me details names feelings share!!!! i want to know what you thought. Also I have not really been to Malaga, ive driven through it and it looks great. but, you should look up pictures of Badajoz! cuz thats where im at bro. also here there is a 3 hour period in the middle of the day where everyone closes all the stores and goes home and naps. its so cool. book ideas. read the book of mormon like the 9 chapter book before ether. theres some cool battles in there.

Kimbrie- I love your picture of the lighthouse. also i will tell you more about my investigators next week cuz im out of time but thank you for your letter it made me smile. I love you too and Elder Manning is a great kid and we are getting a long great. let me know if you have any more questions.

Makenna- Congrats on getting into Basis. you are so smart and way good at math apperantly. i love you. take pictures of the van i want to see it. which of my birthday cards did you find. who is it from? thats very funny. enjoy your summer and keep smiling.

Hayden- you cute little stud. thanks for the drill truck going off a ramp. that was a sweet picture. have a good time in that pool for me cuz i wish i could. its hot here. in the city here we have these really cool birds that look like bats and have nests on the walls like bee hives they look like. we also have storcks and geckos here and EVERYBODY has a dog. its so crazy how many dogs there are. i love you. play with hershey for me.

Brynlee- I LOVE YOU TOO you sweet cute little girl. i miss you so much and im still going to get you a dress. have mom and dad show you on the computer what a flamanco dress looks like. theres a cute little girl in our ward named carmen that reminds me of you.

I love you all
out of time as always
have people write emails
especially shana cuz i need her email
Elder Nally

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