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A Little Late! (Week 15ish)

July 21, 2011

Nally Family,

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well and that you enjoyed your vacation.
Im sorry i didnt send an email on Monday. We have some Traveling Trainers with us. thier APs and we found out on last wednesday that our pday was pushed of untill today. so weve been working hard with Elders Solari and Del Molino and couldnt write you today. Our transfer isnt till August 10th and the Monday before i will know if im leaving or staying so ill let you know then. But sorry about that. There was nothing i could do.
So, ya. Mom i got a message saying you tried to send a letter. But it didnt go through. I got Dad´s Email and a letter from Grandma Nally. I wonder if Kaitlyn got my letter i sent for her in the Mail…I dont know.
Anyway. Its been a super crazy week. Since last Monday, we have had the Zone Leaders here for exchanges for a few days, President and Hermana Clegg to evaluate our teaching skills. And the Traveling APs who have been here for 5 days and leave today. Me and Elder Manning havn´t really been together much this week.
I did get your postcards thank you and Grandma Nally i got your email! thank you! I have recieved a card from you and a letter from grandpa when he was in Missouri or Iowa or somewhere over there. But I havnt recieved anything recently so i dont know if you sent something else or not.
Thats great that you guys got to visit with the Mannings. They shared our story then? its super funny to us too. that whole night we were just laughing at ourselves. Lesson definately learned from that one. dont answer the phone after bed time!!!
So yes i am feeling more comfortable in the language. especially after this week. I feel like ive overcome a very large barrier in that before i was very hesitant to talk to people because i felt my spanish wasnt as good but ive been the senior comp for a week with all of these zls and aps here and they dont know anyone or the city so i had to kind of take charge and that helped a lot. I dont know if i have any great stories about the language. Its just been a steady progression. every day i learn a lot of words and i already understand the rules of the language. I can tell you theres definately a huge differance now from where i was 6 weeks ago. I guess one thing is that… well this is kind of funny really. Me and Elder Manning kind of talk in spanglish when were together. We switch in and out without really thinking about it. So one day i was in a cita with some recent converts and we were talking to them about the Holy Ghost and I asked them to turn to chapter 10 of moroni so we could see some fruits of the spirit. But Lidia and Juan Luis are thier names, just look at me all wierd and Elder Manning was busting up and I had said this in spanish “We are going to read in Moroni Chapter…” and then in English i said 10. But i hadnt noticed. Then we explained to them what happened and we all laughed together because of thier faces and my face and elder manning laughing. it was pretty funny.
So ya, thats soooo crazy that you guys went white water rafting!!! i bet that was so fun.
I just want to thank you Dad for your testimony. It has always been something that I could see and Im greatful that I had such a great Daddy to help me learn and gain my own testimony. I know that the things i do each day are blessing so many lives. mine and yours included. I do my best every day and we just see so many miracles happen from our obediance.
Well, i guess i can share a couple stories really fast while i have time…
1. We had our Zone Leaders here with us on last wednesday and thursday and they taught me a ton. But one fun thing me and Elder Crawford did while we were together was we picked a street up by the castle and we went and knocked every door. Well when i say knock, here every building has 4 to 20 apartments and theres a little intercom on the front called a Timbre. and we push the buttons which rings a phone by there door. SO, we had a bit of a competition to see who could get us into the building and I got us into a building by saying this…” Hello, we are the teachers of Jesus Christ and we carry his message. Can you push the buzzer so we can bless this building with our presence…” silence went on for 3 or 4 senconds and then the door buzzed and we got in to knock the doors. It was SOOOO Funny! Sometimes we just have to phrase things a little differently because there are certain words like Missionaries and Church that automatically lock up someones brains.They dont want to listen if they think we are trying to teach them something. But if we are just friendly and slowly work our way into it. THey Listen!!! its been fun learning the small tricks to getting people to listen to you. I get to be creative with that every day.
2. We had Elder Del Molino who is a spaniard and Elder Solari from Cali here with us. They leave for home in 3 weeks so they are just working so Hard. and they taught us a ton. we got to go with each of them for 2 days each. When I was with Elder Del Molino, we got our Branch President to take us by Raymundo who is a really old guy that lives close to our church and comes because its close and he likes it. But, hes afraid to be baptized cuz of his physical situation so we went to go talk to him about how we could get him in the water safely and do it all super careful and it would all work out. Side Note: It turns out he doesnt really want to be baptized and has a lot of issues with the way the sacrament works and other things but thats not the best part of the story because that was sort of disappointing. The funny part is when we got there, he was in his study and he had just turned on a latin dance song. President turned it off so we could understand him cuz he talks super soft and doesnt really open his mouth so even for them he is hard to understand and they speak spanish natively. But, Raymundo reached over turned on the song again. and rolls himself over to this bar on the wal and he picks himself up from his chair. and starts bobbing up and down. It was really wierd but then i reallized he was trying to dance and all at once me, elder del molino and president started busting up laughing. it was the funniest thing ever!!!!

Its been a really great week. full of growth and im excited to get back into the groove of normal daily schedule. We have been having some problems with our investigators due to how hot it is here and everyone goes out of town for summer. sooo, we had to drop some baptismal dates and cant contact some of them. But, we still pray for them and if you guys want, pray for Karini and Irina that they can maintain a desire to follow our savior and make the right decisions while they are away from us.
I had a really spiritual experience the other night. It was wierd because i have them everyday but this one was one of those really strong testimony builders. I was up on our roof with Elder Manning and Elder Shaver and Elder Hafen who serve in the area next to ours and where staying in our piso that night on thier way home from a training down in Fuengirola. We were talking about love. I know that sounds kind of fruity all of us Men on the roof looking out on the city and talking about love. But it was a serious gospel conversation. and my mind wandered off from the conversation. I thought of the picture of Christ as he looks out on Jerusalem. And How he looks down on Badjoz. And he loves these people. Just as much as he loves me. And i thought of how im his representative here and need to act and feel as he does for his sheep. In that moment I prayed to him to offer thanks for this opportunity to be here. and, he filled my heart with an overwhelming feeling. For a minute I felt how much love he has for me and my service and for all of these people here and how he desires that they recieve him. It was quiet. No one else in the world knew what i was feeling right then, But I recieved a strong testimony in that moment of the love of our Savior. Its so real. Its something we can feel in the churches and the temples. we can feel it in the scriptures and when we pray and when we think of him. I hope you all remember what a great gift we have as members of this church. We are truly blessed to be able to recieve these witnesses and feelings.

I love you all so much! Enjoy your week.
Elder Nally

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