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They Walk and Walk and Walk and… (Week 12)

June 27, 2011

My family,
I just want to start with,…..I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I miss you guys a lot. This week i had some nasty blisters and a lot of muscle cramps and shin splints as my feet have been adjusting to how much we walk and how FAST we walk. I was talking with my companion and he said during his first few weeks he just thought about his family. So, when ever we were walking and the pain was killing me and i didnt know how my legs were still moving. I thought of Dad and how badly i wanted you to be proud of how hard im working and i thought of Mom and the Love and Kindness you´ve shown by your example. I also thought of my amazing brothers and sisters who i love so much. Each of you have your own special personalities and i miss you all so much. So I thank you all for being my strength this week. I also thought of my wonderful grandparents who have served missions ( Grandma and Grandpa Nally) those who are going to (Grandma Wellman) and those who are right now (Grandpa Wellman) I also thought of my amazing aunts and uncles and for thier examples and friendships and….the emails im going to get from them this week. 🙂 I also thought of all of my sweet cousins. Guys,  I dont know if you know this but we have the best family. YOURE ALL SOO AWESOME!

Muy rapido. very quickly. I want to tell mom that i have not yet recieved your package but hopefully before next monday i will.

i want to apologize for accidentally sending that. i clicked the wrong button. Ooops
To answer your questions, my ankle is fine. Its been fine since the 2nd day or so. I roll them all the time and im sure its not the last time. i just iced it really well and kept it up. the swelling went down fast and ive been walking and running on it fine. Interesting fact. during the time of my mission we will have walked the distance of the trail of the pioneers in a manner 7 or 8 months. we walk a lot.
and my companion is great. we get a long and we just learn from things each other does and its great were best friends. and we will probably grow even closer now because Elder Berrett and Dunoscovic are being transfered to Granada so we will be the only elders in this whole region of spain.

So now, It sounds like you guys have had a crazy week. Lice attack? glad i didnt have to deal with that. gross. I hope you got it all taken care of. Also i look forward to those letters from Kaitlyn and Brogan. and anyone else if there are any.

Well im going to send you guys some pictures. sounds like you already have seen some. but here they are. and i will end with an experience.

We have these Standards of Excelence here in the mission and so we are supposed to teach 20 lessons a week. we were at 12 at the beginning of yesterday because weve had citas cita is an appointment. weve had citas drop left and right all week. So we prayed for help and yesterday we made a crazy plan to get like 6 lessons that was going to be really hard to do in the time we had. so what happened was all 6 of those citas went really well and Elder maanning got asked to teach the young men in church and we had a phone call that said one of the members was in the hospital getting a surgery and needed a blessing. so we ended up teaching 8 lessons. in one day. where 6 hours of that day was occuppied with church and studies and stuff. so a miracle? I think yes. and it was just a really great spiritual day and i learned so much. oh and its really hot too. its like 105 and were walking around in it all day. woo hoo. well hope all is well and if you have questions ask them!

To Tanner, Happy Birthday stud! You should know that i tried to write you a letter this week but i never had time sorry. I will do it today. So, enjoy being 16 and i love you and your good looking and everything so disfruta su verano and i love you i love you I LOOOVE YOU!!!

Brogan, just wondering, who got jimmer?

k thats all. Tell hershey i love him too. and can you all give each other hugs for me. Group hug on Brynlee. GO!

Elder Nally

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