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A Handwritten Letter (Week 11 continued)

June 26, 2011



Sorry I don’t have much time. But I wanted to answer some of your questions. So here it goes…

My Piso- Piso means apartment. The 4 os us live here and we have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms , a storage room a kitchen and a living room. I sleep on a matress on the floor. It’s super not comfy but I still sleep well because I’m so tired. Our shower is funky. The hot water always turns off while wese in there. But, I’ll send you pictures. I love it!

La Rama- Our branch its pretty big. about 50 members and they’re all really funny. But, I love them and our church building is cool, its just in the side of a huge building with lots of other businesses and stuff…ya! The branch president is way awesome.

Companion- Already told you about him a little. But he’s awesome. We work so hard to have way high goals. But, we are always happy even on our bad days.

Idioma- The language, well it’s coming along. I’m not where I’d like to be, but I can understand most things and say most of what I need to. I’m giving a talk on Sunday…that should be interesting.

Comida-the food. I like it. We’ve eaten a lot of diverse stuff, but Tortilla de Patatas is probably my favorite. I’ll make you all some when I get home.

Ciudad- Its only like 10 miles wide. We’re right on the border of Portugal. That river you saw runs through the town. I’ll send a picture of that too. The other side isn’t Portugal but there is a neighborhood called Portugal. And a lot of people here do speak Portuguese. But the also speak Spanish. We ate with a Portuguese family last Sunday. There’s lots of cool fountains and castles and alleyways and parks and plazas and bull rings and people and stuff. I love it here.

Anyway, I can’t remember the rest of your questions but I do have a quick story. There is a house here that has a member, a less active, a family of recent converts, and one of our investigators. There are many great things going on in that house. But there are also some trials and struggles and even some contention. If you guys could pray for the household of ISABEL TENA that would mean a lot to me. I guess its not much of a story. I’ll tell you more later because I really have to go.

Love you all,

Elder Nally


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