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More from Badajos (Week 11)

June 22, 2011

My friends and loved ones who i call the Nally Family,
here are the answers to your questions:

Where are you living?

I am living in a piso i forget the English word its like floor or something like that but it means appartment or flat. I think i wrote a little bit about it in a letter i sent to you in the mail this week. But, its got a kitchen and living room right when you come in and then our study and mine and elder mannings room then the next two rooms are elder berretts and elder dunoskovics room accross from our storage room where we hang out laundry we also have two bathrooms and apparently its one of the nicer pisos in the mission. we always call it the piso which is a spanish word. Ive already started forgetting english words because we always use spanish ones in stead. like Capilla it means chapel or church but the other day i couldnt think of the word in english. Ha

How are you feeling about the language now?

Im feeling good about the language. I gave a 15 minute talk in church on Sunday and it went really well. I have already started thinking in spanish. The hard part at the beggining of the week was understanding people because they talk really fast and slurred and thick so some people i understand better than others but its coming pretty quick so in 2 or 3 weeks ill be understanding todo (i cant remember that word in english ask kaitlyn) so ya i feel good about it and my comp is making me do a lot of contacting and talking and stuff. he makes me call people every once in a while which is super hard to talk on spanish on the phone. but in a week and a half im the phone bearer and so hopefully ill be ready for that. Theres a verb in spanish fallar which means to fail. we use this word a lot because its fun to say and we get fallared by our investigators a lot. ha ha. but also theres a word here Vale thats pronounced kind of like “Ball-A” and they say it soooooo much. it basically just means OK. but i counted my comp using it like 10 times in one sentence once.

What was your first Sunday in your new area like?

Yes my first sunday, i did talk about this a little in my letter also but it was good. i didnt really understand much and i didnt know anyone yet but it was good. The President of Branch has a son named samuel who is 4 years old and hes crazy. And my first sunday he came and sat by me cuz im cool you know? ha ha just kidding but i had to let him draw all over my journal. i gave him an empty page tho. its pretty funny. i kept telling him to draw animals and after like 5 or 6 animals i ran out of things to say so i pulled out my dictionary and elder manning just laughed at me. Also we had a few investigators at church so we sat with them and took them to class and priesthood and stuff. Sunday is actually our hardest day. we work the hardest on sunday cuz thats when people can meet with us. we also ate with a portuguese family which was great and they made some amazing pollo con salsa (salsa means sauce here its not like mexico salsa) en arroz which is rice. and pollo is chicken. sorry i forget that you guys dont know spanish ha. im used to no one understanding english. anyway it was a great day and i really have grown to love this little branch soooo omuch.

What is the ward like that you will be attending?

The members are actually mostly crazy. Its just a different culture here so thier all wierd but here its normal. Our Ward Mission Leaders name is Chema. he is only 19 and was baptized like 4 or 5 months ago. he lives at home and apperantly his parents dont know hes a member. were going to change that tho 🙂 he wants to serve a mission so he has to tell them soon. anyway, he is completely obsessed with Ashley Tisdale so he sings us her songs all the time and has a Ashley watch and we bought him a picture we found of her at a chinese pawn shop and we all signed it. he started jumping. Theres an inactive member named Helder Bruno who plays futbol with us. he is portugese and has a messed up situation at home but weve been working with his family a lot. Hes really cool and theres a family called the DaSilvas. Ill send pictures sometime but thier SUPER BLACK like as black as you can be and thier mom passed away a few years ago so the Dad Antonio is trying to support and raise the family which is hard for him. we helped them paint thier new house and barbaqued with them on friday and we ate literally every part of that pig. there was hair on some of the pieces but i stayed away from those. Thier bacon is super thick here. like half an inch thick. and theres another way they eat ham here called Jamon and its basically the whole leg of the pig intact and cured for a long time. it looks and smells super gross but its actually good.

K, Story

There is a woman in this ward named Lurdes. And she Is SOOOO Crazy. She calls us. at least 35 times a day. we are keeping track. and most of the time we dont answer cuz we cant waist all of our salga on her. i cant remember the word in english but its a limmuted ammount of calling time on our phone. Anyway, We have to go visit her 4 or 5 times a week. (She lives in the house of Isabel Tena: The house hold i told you to pray about.) She is Less Active and has “Bad Health” or so she says. we cant tell that anything is wrong other than the fact that her room is a pigsty! It smells SOOO Bad and theres a billion flies and all her stuff is piled everywhere and we sware there was a puddle of urine on the floor. But she is usually wearing nothing but her garments and a bathrobe with missing buttons and we cant look anywhere but her face but she has a mustache so its hard to do that without smiling. But She claims to be perfect. she always says Soy Perfecta which means im perfict she says i have 40 years in the church so i know everything. but she just complains and complains and complains about everything and everryone. So everyone knows who she is and just tollerates here cuz shes just looney. But We love her and she gives us many jokes and things to laugh about. but everytime we go over there i gag cuz its so gross. We always try and figure out what she needs but she always interupts our lessons so we usually dont ever stay very long. Anyway thats Lurdes

What have you been eating now that you are out of the MTC and on your own?
Do you get to have dinner with members of the ward or branch?

We eat a lot of cereal and juice when were in the piso but the members feed us alot wich is fun. Weve had paella and tortilla de patatas which are super popular dishes here and we eat a wierd rice with tomatoe sauce and a fried egg on top a lot which isnt my favorite but i eat it cuz they give it to me. thier dessert a lot of the time is fruit salad or frog skin which is a kind of melon. we also ate this really great pasta with hamburger mean and spanish sausage and egg with a rich and tangy tomatoe paste on it. it was soooooo good. one of my favorite meals here. theve given us alll sorts of varieties of stuff. but there is a member and also Hernani the portuguese guy that fed us last sunday works there too. They own a Japanese resturaunte called Tanuki San and we eat there twice a week. That is delicious and amazing and i cry every time i walk out of there because i dont want to leave. supposedly thier giving us sushi this week and elder manning loves sushi. we will see how that goes. Also one of the members just barely opened a new store that we helped him with called Perrisabor whicch perrito is little dog like a hot dog and sabor means flavor and hes gonna make and sell all sorts of varieties of hot dogs and we will probably go eat there every once in a while. We also ate last district meating at the home of Lidia and Juan Louise who got baptized a couple weeks before i got here and Lidia is from mexico and she made us Tacos Al Pastor which was sooooooo good. and her culture. this isnt really what Spain is like. was to feed us untill we rolled of our chairs and begged her to stop so i ate 8 of these huge tacos with amazing home made guacamole and salsa that she gave us this HUGE tubaware to take home. I really dont have much to complain about with the food. i like it. and sometimes we go with out meals. Like last night just because i ran out of food and we are going shopping tomorrow.

Do you have anyone you are teaching?  Who are they?

We have like 8 investigators right now. 2 are really progressing a lot and also an investigator that me and elder manning taught a couple times but really its elder dunoskovic and elder berretts inv. because she wants Duno to baptize her. But they all have upcoming baptismal dates. Pero, that means but. Our two investigators have major road blocks because One, José Manuel is living with a “Girlfriend” thier not married but they have an adopted daughter and they are like husband and wife and he cant get baptized untilll they get married or he moves out which we arnt nor should we ask him to do cuz they in all reallity are a family. soooo we need to work on his “girlfriend” but they live an hour from us so its hard for us to get out there but we are going to try this week cuz hes a professor in Sevilla and all of his tests are done now so he should be less busy. The other is a super old guy named Raymundo who is in a wheel chair and really wants to be baptized but hes afraid cuz his legs dont work and hes in a wheel chair. we are going to meet with him and try and explain our plan to baptize him super carefully and we have permission to use both of us and do the ordinance in a special way so hopefully that will be resolved. Alot of the investigators we already have are hard to get a hold of and have super difficult situations that make things harder than they should be but because of that we did a lot of contacting this week. soo, in a couple weeks we should have a bunch of new investigators and this week we met with a lot of members and less actives which i feel did a lot of good for strengthening homes in this branch.

Are you happy 🙂 ?

Im supper happy. I love it here and i love the town and the people and all. I already have tons of great stories and experiences and ups and downs and im always tired but i love missionary work and i love going up to some one and in spanish saying. “Hey, im a representative of Christ and he sent me to you. We need to tell you something…” and the power that comes from those words. people cant deny it and even if they dont want it and shrugg us off or say mean things to us. For a moment I saw light in thier eyes as they remembered a feeling they once had. And we have a lot of great future investigators we met this week and im stoked and loving life. So yes, Im Happy!


I love you too. Thank you for the question thing and for your E-mails mom and dad.
Real quick cuz i have to go. Today, we went to a place called Mérida ill tell you all about it next week but if you want you can look it up and see how cool it is. Also. I promise, next week i WILL send pictures. I have many but i forgot my camera.  Also, Dad i know you probably havn´t got it yet but i sent you a fathers day letter and on the back is some stuff for the whole family. Also, I want to tell you about ISABEL TENAs house. She rents out to a few families so heres a summary real quick. Isabel is an active member but shes starting to have some problems with a guy that lives there who is one of our “investigators” José Maria but he is really rude and doesnt like us. she keeps trying to get us to talk to him and we try but hes very rude and drinks a lot and causes problems for everyone there. luckily enough hes moving out but please pray for Isabel to have strength in her situation. Also Lidia and Juan Louise are married and i talked about them already. I love those too so much. they treat me and Elder Manning like thier children and we see them a lot. Lurdes and José Maria offend them a lot and they are struggling a tiny bit in thier faith. please pray for thier strength and they are looking for a new home so pray that they find a new piso soon. Lurdes is always getting in fights and yelling at people in that home so really all we pray for for her and you can too is for her to be peacefull and have a softened heart. There is one other man who lives there that stays out of the way of things but the whole house is always having problems and we go there almost everyday. they actually dont like us knocking so we just walk right in and treat it like a second home really. I have grown to love everyone in that house but they need so much help so please pray for them and for us to know what to do to help.
I hope you all have a great week. I absolutely love hearing that you are all having a great summer and are having lots of fun. Before you know it ill be home and we will all go to the lake and swim and eat pizza and go to movies and all the fun stuff. Remember to help the missionaries. They LOVE member referrals.
2 interesting facts and then i must go.
If a member gives 5 names to the missionaries, 1 of them WILL be baptized!
Also, I am already 1/10 of the way done with my mission.
Wow huh. Be missionary minded always. sometimes we forget how powerful our examples are.
I love you
Elder Nally
Next week you will see some awesome pictures
















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