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1st area – Badajos (Week 10)

June 22, 2011

Hello everyone!
by the time i read all your letters and emailed my president i dont have much time. so, unfortunately i dont have time to email everyone. im just going to answer mom and dads questions and then i will tell you all everything i can in that time. ok?

c/ Antonio Alvarez
Nº 6 2ºD
06005 Badajoz

is my new address and only give this to FAMILY grandparents aunts and uncles. they want the rest of the mail coming through the mission home for the whole mission so only give out that address. also you can give it to someone if they want to send a package. just send the package there. Yes, sometimes we have to pay for them but you can put money in my account and i can pay for it at the post office. thats what i was told. i was also told its never over like 40 €  but i dont know too much about that yet. But i do know im probabably her for a transfer and a half at least probably more so 9 to 15 weeks here are almost garunteed. anyways
We left on wednesday morning and arrived in a trainstaition where pres and hna clegg pickd us up. the aps drove us around town and we saw some sights we went to the mission home and ate and got our assignments and all of that. then the adventure began. Me and my new companion Elder Manning. and Elders Dunoscovic and Berrett are the 4 missionaries curently serving in barajoz. there are only 2 more missionaries in all of extremadura and there in our district so we are all out here by ourselves.
The 4 of us got on a bus and drove 3 hours ish to Sevilla where we left our luggage and moved out to a town called alcala and stayed with some elders out there. did my furst night of contacting then and slept on the ground. it was a rough night but we got through it and then headed back to sevilla for a specialized training withh president and all the leadership in the mission. we later that day caught a bus to barajoz and in those three days i traveled more than i slept or did anything else. i was super tired and smelly because i didnt have clean clothes i could access but we arrived and i showered and ate and slept. in that order.
Now, i absolutely love barajoz and i have no time to tell you all the amazing things but its a fairly small city we can walk accross it in about 40 minutes and have already done it many times. now when i say walking it means walking with a purpose. my feet are sooooooo sore and we are working soooo hard here. i think a can now walk at least 15 km/h now. ill prbably come home loosing 50 pounds. we dont use any other mode of transportation here and we walk FAST. but the soreness wont go away for about 2 more weeks im told so i grin and bear it and i sleep really well.
My companion Elder manning. WOW. amazing man. hes training and hes only been in the mission 6 weeks more than me. i was right behind him the whole time. he would leave each mtc right before i got there so everyone i knew knew him and i heard lots about him before. We look a lot alike as you saw in the picture so i wont describe his phys traits but he loves music. hes actually been offered record deals and has done tours and stuff. he knows tons of famous people and we sing while we walk all the time. hes super nice and all the people love him. he already knows all the tricks to talk to people and im learning from everything he does. his spanish is great too and yet we both have mush to learn but the cool thing is when we dont know something the other does. we work very well together and after a few days im getting to the point where i can keep up with him. Dad, next week he´ll have to keep up with me. we all love this city.
its literally the best area in the mission. so much work here. ill have tons of fun stories for you next week and Elder Mannings dad might call you so keep a heads up on that.
Real fast tho cuz im sure your all so curious
Tanner, i have not failed you
we started teaching this guy on the street and there was a fountain just right there so..
Just kidding.
Elder Manning and Dunoskovic were comps before we came and they have been teaching my good friend Antonio. I got here on thursday and we taught him a few lessons before his baptism on saturday. Since Elder Manning baptized him the number went to us and its techincally my first number. I wouldnt really count it if i hadnt become such great friends with him already. hes the funniest guy. hes like 50 or so and is balding but has a crazy awesome beard. Ill send pics and tell you much much more next week. Maybe you all could do me a favor
Sometime this week compile all your questions all of you have from this weeks letters and from this next week and put them all together on one email. then in your emails just tell me how your doing. that would make it easierfor me because i have so little time to email. I would be extremely appreciative if you could do that.
I love you all so much. Me and Elder Manning are big cry babies and were sitting here in a computer café in spain crying with joy as we read your letters. Seriously though your pictures and emails made me so happy. Im working as hard as i can guys. i want you to know how painfull it is with all these blisters and cramps and muscles and shin splints hurting me. I just think of you and my savior. Thats who I´m doing this for. I think of you often. Me and Elder Manning have a motto. No sé pero trabajemos más duro. It means “I don´t know but lets just work harder!” its how we are going to bring to pass miracles in this great place. I´m going to write a letter to you all because i want to tell you all about this place you probably wont get it for a while but its the only way i will be able to tell you everything.
I love you all sooooo much. I miss you all too. Hershey looks hot in a tutu. and i cant wait to get those packages. Just send stuff! Food maybe a few pairs of socks 2 black 2 for athletic stuff white and low cut. other than that just food and pictures and letters and whatever you can think of. Im not super worried about what it is. just that fact that we get something lifts our spirits so much. ok i have tons of fun stories for you next week but just know im safe and well here in Badajoz.
I love you
Elder Nally


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  1. June 22, 2011 3:04 pm

    I don’t know if Elder Nally can read the comments, but….Awesome. Love the motto. What a fun companion! Sevilla is where my dad went to school as a boy. How fun that you’re spending some time there too. Maybe we can send some Dr. Scholl’s gels?

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