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One More Week in MTC (Week 8)

June 2, 2011


I hope everyone had a good time in mexico. i cant wait  to see pictures. this week was pretty plain so im just gonna give you some highlights.

First and for Tanner and Brogan specifically. Have you ever heard of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium? otherwise known as Real Madrid Stadium? Ya well i went there last Thursday. And it is extremely awesomelly cool like. I was so amazed and on top of going there. i took a  tour and got to see some pretty cool stuff. like the locker froom trophy rooms and sat in ronaldo´s seat in the bench. im sending pictures in another email. it was the coolest thing ever.

This week I also had the opportunity to talk to a family from Mesa. they knew elder gibson so it was pretty crazy talking to someone from az here in madrid. I got a cool jersey for 8 bucks in a pawn shop. its a world cup champs jersey. im gonna try and collect a few jerseys while im on my mission.

Also…honestly there wasnt a lot too exciting. i did a lot of studying in the scriptures about the 5 lessons we teach as missionaries. I learned a lot about the principles of the gospel and why thier important.

I have officially stopped studying english materials. i only read in spanish now so thats fun. i dont retain everything yet. but im pretty darn close. its helped my language skills a lot.

In the park this week we had less success than before but my comp Elder Carroll is from TX and he reminds me  A LOT of Kenny so that was actually pretty fun for me. I felt like i was walking around with Kenny. REALLY similar personalities. I also got a email from Kenny pretty recently and hes doing good. getting ready to leave in July i think. maybe august. but hes working on the beach. I also heard from my friend Ryan who just entered the MTC. The mission hes going to is where one of my tutors in the MTC served. pretty cool how many connections there are.
Theres a teacher here who isnt teaching right now but he lives close by and omes to play football with us. (soccer) if i ever say football i mean soccer.  Anyway his name is Jacome. pronounced Hawk-o-may and he is very cool. hes only been a member for 3 years served in my mission and has become a great friend. hes gonna be at byu when i get back so we are gonna look eachother up.

uhmmm….other than that stuff…ive started packing stuff up a little and we leave on wednesday. our president usually takes new missionaries on tuesdays so we actually have a day to just relax and hang out with president and go into town and stuff. so that will be fun. my new address is going to be the mission home address that i left in that packet. untill further notice. just update the blog and facebook and everything to that. the mission home will forward me mail till i can send you my new address. which verywell could be on my next pday. oh which by the way. my whole schedule is gonna change so dont expect an email on thursday. i dont know how thats all gonna work. anyways,


I love you all very much and i pray for you like 15 times a day so your probably having lots of blessings. DO MISSIONARY WORK. its fun

With much love,

Elder Nally

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