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Fun in Spain (Week 7)

June 2, 2011
My family!!!
How are all of you doing? sounds like when you wake up (cuz your sleeping right now) that your going down to mexico this morning! Im super excited for you. Make sure someone builds a sand “Elder Nally” so it feels like im there. Are you guys bringing anyone with or just going down by your selves? Either way I hope you have a good time. So it´s officially summer huh? I guess that explains why its starting to get a little bit hotter here. Its only high 70s or low 80s at the highest. most of the day is around 72 or something like that. im not really sure cuz im still trying to get used to celcius. Here its been a pretty crazy week for me.
THURSDAY: we went and took all those new elders to SOL but when we got back president came in and says “oh by the way were getting 10 more on saturday too.” So now there are 30 elderes y hermanas hhere and it is pretty cozy around here cuz theres not a super large amount of space. Luckily I got on email earlier than later cuz there are 12 or so people waiting for the computers. I really like all of these new guys tho. they all have really different colorful personalaties. And i really like my new roommates. theres four of us now . Elder Allred and I and now theres Elders Seely and Brown. Both of them are super tall and very funny. They definately keep things interesting. So I kind of went on a tangent but i emailed last Thursday so theres not much more to tell about that.
FRIDAY: Was a normal day of class. We learned about a lot of grammer principles and so now ive officially learned all the rules of spanish. i just need to practice applying them and practicing with them. the good thing is that now my spanish skills are escalating extremely because ive been focusing a lot more on vocabulary recently. It was a good day of learning and i have a lot of good notes in my journal from this day.
SATURDAY: Now here was an interesting day. Found out the night before that my park companion this week was ElderAndrade. One of the Two Cape Verdians here. Whose english is now getting better. but this was when he didnt speak any english and somehow even less spanish. I cant understand him for the life of me but when i talk in spanglish he can usually understand me. I was so sure that this language barrier would make saturday hard for us. so we prayed together three times before we left and i prayed a lot that night. for help and for the spirit. Turns out. We meet 6 portugese people that he talks to 4 english speakers that i talk to and 14 other spanish people that i successfully communicated everything i wanted to. we got 4 contacts and smashed our goals. It was honestly because i didn´t go anywhere without feeling where we needed to go. me and elder adrade listened to each others spirits not the words and we talked to EVERYONE we saw. It was an amazing experience for me and one of those refferences was a guy from EGYPT who is a golden investigator. I just know hes going to join the church.
SUNDAY: Such a relaxing day. I learned a lot about the Atonement and theres a couple songs that president shared with us and im pretty sure we have them both. One is “A Miracle from Heaven”by kenneth cope and the other is  “Jesus Christ in Gethsemane” dont know the artist but a little kid sings it. You guys should see if you can find those songs and listen to the words. thier awesome.
MONDAY: Got to know an Elder here named ELDER DANGERFIELD i am not joking and yes it is the coolest last name ever. Hes really cool and is actually related to a Jonny Dangerfield in Arizona who I believe Shana knows. So that was cool. I is a way awesome kid and SUPER SMART. all ready has his associates degree before he graduated high school.
TUESDAY: We started teaching a new investigator. Its a pretend one but its fun seeing how much of a difference there is in our teaching skills now than when we started here 5 weeks ago. Thier “names” are mario and ana. they both have lots of word of wisdom problems so were gonna teach them about the commandments tomorrow. im excited for that one.
WEDNESDAY: We watched a talk by Niel L. Anderson about the Holy Ghost and that was really cool. I love the Holy Ghost. He´s my buddy. We hang out a lot here in the mission me and him. Nice guy.
TODAY: Went and did a nice temple session and today were going somewhere really cool and its a secret till next week. BUT, if i get emails from Tanner and Brogan this week, then next week I will send them some way awesome pictures that will make them jealous. DEAL-E-O?
Few more things. MOM something cool i want to share with you. You know how you used to play this song on the Piano all the time when i was younger. I think its called “I Will Find You My Friend” by Linda Leavitt. I just translated that so im not sure if its right, in spanish its called “Te Hallaré Mi Amigo” but anyway last sunday, cuz on sunday we have “music time” here. We sang that song and i recognized it but couldn´t place it. I asked for a copy of it and started practicing it. THEN IT HIT ME! You used to play this song. Im sure you did and i thought it was cool. anyway you should bust it out and play it again. i get to play it for the mtc next sunday while they sing so im excited for that.
Also. Dadykins, thank you so much for hooking me up with that line of authority and other stuff this week. Its really cool to see that and how it comes directly from God. Me gusta. ¡Grácias!
Also Also. Thank you to Grandma Nally for your card that i got in the mail this week. I do like the picture on the card and I absolutely love the scripture you shared thanks.
For EVERYONE ELSE. ¡Os amo mucho y tengan un gran semana en México! See if Kaitlyn can translate that one. Actually first see if Tanner can do it and then let Kaitlyn do it.
Much Love,
Elder Nally
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