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We Love Missionaries! (Week 5)

May 20, 2011
How are alls y´all. I miss you soo much! and I´m am doing great and had a great week.
Entonces, which means ¨so¨, I last emaild you on thursday.
Thursday:(after emails) I stayed in the mtc instead of going out because i had to change rooms and do laundry and study and a bunch of stuff that was overwhelming me so i don´t have a cool madrid story. Except for saturday, see the saturday section for that one. So besides a very productive and kind of boring day. I hung out with elder shiflet and we took some pictures and had a laundry party.
Friday: Was a regular day in class. I have already learned all the concepts that my class is learning because of the spanish i took in school and cuz i met with a tutor a lot at the other mtc. but i am getting a lot of practice and also helping my teacher explain stuff cuz her english is not very good. and also we had some members come at night and we practiced teaching them while they pretended to be investigators. they werent good at pretending tho cuz they just wanted to ask us questions and  talk to us. it was fun tho. very nice people. they love missionaries cuz most of them are converts.
Saturday: I was with elder Manotas in the park who is kind of decent at speaking english. we were a power house on saturday. In an Hour we contacted 22 people. 5 of which were interested in our message so we set them up with missionaries. also, the 5th one wasn´t even in the metro or park which are our usual places to contact. it was just on the way back and my companion was propted to talk to a sanitador. it means a street cleaner. they are all over the city and thier government workers. but thier all latino cuz its a low paying job. anyway it was wierd that he wanted to talk to her but i felt it too so we just started talking to her and the rest of the missionaries went back to the ccm. we found out her husband passed away 3 months ago and gave her a plan of salvation panphlet a book of mormon and some information. we took down her info and she was super happy that we stopped to talk to her. she supposedly is meeting with missionaries (who i have met before and thier awesome) and i hope all goes well with that. I may not find out in this life but in the next i hope to see her smiling face and witness her happiness to be with her husband again. Missionary work is so cool. Miracles happen everyday.
Sunday: was super relaxing. we learned about a story of martin harriss when he was older with a young english boy. i think i had heard this story before but it was cool to hear it and i also read our heritage recently so ive been really intrested in church history. On a side note. we watched this video in spanish and the voice over for old martin harriss sounded like yoda from star wars. it was funny. oh and a side side note. presidente earl has a theory that when were all gods we will be able to use something kind of like the force that comes from a priesthood we will recieve after this life or something. Its totally out there and sounds funny when i explain it but he explains it so cool and backs it up with scripture and stuff. hes crazy. he also taught us about light and matter and intelligence and stuff like that. i finally understand science. anyway, im not a huge fan of the deep doctrine stuff, i like basic gospel principles but presidente really knows his stuff.
Monday: nothing really besides normal day of learning, eating, sleeping.
Tuesday: Everyone but the 6 in our district left the mtc. we were the only ones for a day and a half and it was quiet and wierd but i got a lot of studing in.
Wednesday: New missionaries came. i don´t know them all yet so i´ll tell you bout em next week but right now theres 18 people here our capacity is 30 and we get 10 more on saturday. then another 6 should trickle in after. you do the math. its gonna be packed.  I have a really cool story i want to share with you about today but i have to go right now. I will come back after going in to town and send you an email about today. Cool?
to be continued…
And then later…
Hey so we just got done with dinner and i have 30 minutes of down time… so
Today was a pretty sweet day! President kind of dubbed me the leader to show the new guys around and get sacrament meetings prepared and stuff so i went to wake everyone up this morning and we all got ready for the temple. Then, president asked me and my NEW companion….drum roll please…..Elder Allred to be escorts for the two new elders from cape verde. those are some small islands or the coast of africa where they speak portugese. we can actually communicate pretty well between thier minimal amount of english and broken spanish. they talk funny tho. Anyway, it was a really cool experience helping them experience that and the guy sitting behind me noticed i was geting dressed slower (cuz i was helping Elder Rebiero) so he was trying to dress me and i was just letting him cuz i didnt want to be mean. plus he spoke portugese so i couldnt communicate to him that it wasnt my first time. it was a fun morning tho. then me and elder allred took all the new missionaries to Sol after lunch. we went to some parts i had already been too but didn´t have pictures of so now i have some. but it was hard walking around on my ankle all day. its sore now but actually helped the swelling a ton so that its not swollen anymore. Hermana Earl gave me an ice pack and a cheetah print warm pack so i can nurture it back to good health. im sad that i wont get to play football anymore tho because Elder Andrade from cape verde is SUUUUPER GOOD! oh well ill just watch from the sidelines for now. anyway we had dinner and tonight me and elder allred are gonna teach a member tonight so that will be a nice little treat for us. I need to organize my room cuz i had to move rooms for the new missionaries and my stuff is all over soooo i will probably be up a little late tonight.
k i g2g
love you guys!
Elder Nally
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