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A Lot to Say (Week 4)

May 19, 2011
I got a lot of letters and e-mails from y´all this week which makes me happy. Any questions you had that wern´t personal i´m gonna answer in here and then i´ll send you a seperate email if i have to but i don´t have time to write every single person back unfortunately.
First off, Thank You so much to Grandma and Grandpa Nally for your Postcard and for your Easter Cards! Thanks To Mark and Trevlyn and Jacob and and Spencer and Mandy and Sydney and Austin and Maddy and James and Theresa and “THE BIG 5” and Mom and Dad and anyone else that didn´t sign my cards but were present at the party. I miss you all so much and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Assuming you have them.
To Brogan (Future Elder Nally)
Your handwriting is very elegant. Just thought I´d point that out. I´m sorry I´m not around to kick you out of my room anymore. Ha ha. or should I say “our room”  I hope you enjoy that room cuz i miss it. We do have companions! we always have companions as missionaries. So far I´ve had three. Elder Gibson who is actually right next to me right now was my first. Hes a big teddy bear from Mesa, AZ. I currently have two comps. Elder Rodriguez from Madrid, Spain (but origionally from colombia) is a short skinny little man who is 20 years old. very reserved and likes basketball and reeding. I also have a class companion since elder rodriguez doesnt need to learn spanish. his name is elder jones. and hes from enterprise utah. tall verry athletic. talks kind of funny and i love him to death. we are pretty good at teaching together and we are learning a lot together. all of the spaniards enter the field next week and elder jones will become my full time companion. Congrats on your callings have fun together and work hard. there are a lot of specific callings in the mission. right now in this MTC their a little more lacsidazicle. i know thats how you don´t spell it i just sounded it out. so we have some but not all of the positions. Basically every companionship has a senior and junior comp. (don´t have that here) then a few different companionships make up a district and theres a DL district leader (we have one of those) then the district leaders report to a ZL zone leader (again don´t have one, one DL is just assigned as acting ZL and they report to the APs assitants to the president. The Mission President is like our Bishop and Stake President and Dad all wrapped in one. so if he says something we do it without question. Congrats on you basketball success it sounds like your gonna be in the NBA by the time i get home. Thanks so much for your letter
Thank you for your sweet letter. I miss you too. and Hershey….man i miss that puppy. i saw a picture of tanner holding him at easter yesterday and he looks so much bigger. or maybe fluffier. Id say good luck on your piano recital but it already happend. i heard it went well tho. Sounds like thier keeping you busy in school. thats a lot of stuff to be learning. I´m learning a lot too. sometimes i wonder why my brain hasn´t exploded yet with how much i cram in it each day. I most definately will tell you all about my investigators in the field. This week I actually met a man named René who is kind of interested in the gospel. We took down his info and sent some missionaries to his house. I´m praying that that goes well. He´s really short and has dark skin and dark hair. squinty little eyes and your actually probably taller than him. thank you as well for your letter. it means a lot to me to hear your proud of me. I love you
You all have a lot of questions about the mtc here and my comp so heres a synopsis…
here its called the CCM Centro de Capacitacion Misional. it means Missionary Training Center. There are 3 buildings on this block. the Temple which is beautiful and the grounds are amazing. I´ll send pictures of that some time. Also the Stake center. its this huge two story building made of red brick and a lot of people use this building. its not like utah where every street has a church building. the last is a 6 story tall red brick building and the first floor is a distribution center and front desk. the other floors are the seminary and institutes. and a couple floors for members to come and rent a room for cheap while they go to the temple. some people travel 2 days to get here so they will stay for the weekend and do a lot of temple work and then go home. The Top Three floors are the CCM. One floor with classrooms and sacrament room and one with our living quarters and the top floor (Celestial kingdom) is the COMEDOR where we eat. The schedule is a little more compact than the other mtc. we have class strait for 6 hours with a lunch break in the middle but its pretty hard to sit still for that long. especially because every 30 minutes we learn a new concept or principle about spanish or teaching. The teachers and employees are all spaniards and i can sit on my window cill and look out on the city and watch the sunset  when i´m going to bed. The sun sets here aroung 10 o´clock. we have an elevator which is fun cuz no one ever uses it. sometimes we will pull the arm chair in thier and study. Usually no one ever uses it while were in there but when they do its pretty funny cuz of thier expressions when the door opens. one time we took one of the fake tree decoration thinks in there too and that was classic. ah….good times. The food is good but every mean has bread soup potatoes and some kind of meat or fish. usually fish. its fun to see all the interesting ways they come up with to cook it though. and spains juice and milk….comes in a box! wierd right? and everysingle drink even water has a wierd after taste. They don´t use ice here either so we drink everything room temperature except for dinner they put out ice. its hard cuz they have to freeze it in the freezer all day and then theress not even that much so we have to ration our ice portions. One of the missionaries here has become a real good buddy of mine. Elder Shiflet. Hes a cool kid. He taught me how to take people on a “Journey” cuz i guess im a decent story teller. now on some nights, we all cram into one room and turn out all the lights and use our imaginations to go on a journey. I took them to our beach house last night and we had a nice night on the beach. Its funny when someone walks in and 12 missionaries are laying on the floor and all 6 beds are used and everyone sits up and yells “SHHHHH!” ha ha. there are some pretty fun kids here. We get to go to the temple once a week which is awesome. We also get to go tracting in the park wonce a week which it´s nice to get out and be outside.
Dad asked for a couple experiences
He also asked what is hardest for me so far
I´m going to kind of answer these with one funny experience and with one spiritual experience
So two saturdays ago in the park, me and my temporary companion Elder Batanero were contacting in the park and we see this guy jump over the bushes and yell at us. He wasn´t “attacking us” but he was acting really wierd he started kind of circling us and i couldn´t understand what he was saying. And I´m in this bad habit of nodding my head when i don´t know whats going on. Elder Batanero later told me he was insulting me and i was just nodding my head “yup, yup, uh huh” ha ha anyway i look more closely at him and hes holding a bunny rabbit by its belly up against his chest and its got like a red diaper on. he had onger grey hair and was clearly crazy. But what i realized from this was i didn´t understand a word of what he was saying. And I´d say that´s probably my biggest challenge is understanding the Spaniards. they slur thier words and talk fast so its more difficult. Luckily enough he took his bunny and left us alone cuz my companion wouldn´t talk to him and i didn´t know how.
K second experience, Last night actually, we were watching an older devotional from august of 2010 that took place at the MTC in Provo. Elder Holland spoke and something he said hit me really hard. I reallized that I´m gonna be one of two people specifically designated by Jesus Christ to watch over his sheep in a specific area of the part of Spain I´m assigned to. I realized how big of a deal that is that I´m going to be in all aspects representing the Savior. I´m no where near ready to do that yet. But I´m not ever going to be perfect during this life so I´m resolved to work my hardest and do my best so that I can smile when I report to the Lord and say “I did all I could do Brother” and I know he loves me and wants me to be here doing his work so I found comfort in a picture here. Its actually the same picture that hangs in our living room. Christ looking out over Jerusalem. His Mission. His people. and I look out on this city the people of thiscountry and try to imagine that same love and devotion to them.
Anyway a few more questions, The Earthquakes,
we were told this morning that they occured in qüenca which is in my mission. As far as we know 8 people passed away and it was rated 5.5. All missionaries are safe and accounted for and it wasn´t anything super bad. We thank the Lord for protection and President says don´t worry about dying because if we do it´s basically instant salvation for missionaries.
Mom, I actually did already know that Tami and Dany are pregnant. I knew dany´s was a boy but i didn´t know tami´s was a boy. That´s exciting. I look forward to meeting my new cousins when i return. You most definately can send me pictures on email. Please do. I´m sending a few to you guys as well and i´ll take more this week.
I can´t think if there were anymore questions. I tried to get them all but i had a lot of materials to look through. I hope you all are well.
Elder Nally
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