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Surprise Letter!

May 19, 2011

Sorry it’s been a while! A lot of updates…This is from May 2. On Mother’s day, we got to skype with Elder Nally. It was super fun to feel like we were talking to him in person!

Hey ya’ll my P-Day is today this week (Monday) since it is Mother´s Day here in Spain and our teachers all have the day off. So I won´t have another day to E-mail for 10 days. So I´ll just tell you have my week went. and if you want, you can probably get a letter here faster than i can get your email next week.
Anyway, so i found out that i´m actually nine hours ahead of you. appareantly i´m bad at math. The last few days were great. Friday was a regular day of classes. Our teachers are Hermana Suarez and Hermana Martinez they are both native Españoles (Spaniards) from here in Madrid and they don´t speak super great english so we have to work really hard to listen to them. Saturday we went to the park to talk to people. Like real contacting. It was interesting to say the least. First off this Park is like bigger than Central park. Very lush, very beautiful. So we got paired up with the natives and went out in different parts of the park and talked to people. we set goals on how many people we could contact and we were just short of our goals. But we did find some people from Barcelona that were intrested and talked to them for a while. Well actually my comp talked and I nodded my head and said si the whole time.  understood most of it but they talk so fast its hard for me to interject myself in the conversation. but next week will be better. Sunday was awesome. We had our normal meetings and then took a nap. Presidente Earl wants us fresh for his “Devotionals” it was on Jesus the Christ by James Talmage but it was super deep doctrine. It was cool though he is such a smart man. He likes when we ask questions about Kolab and stuff like that. Im still loving the food. I had my first tortilla de patatas today. SOOOO GOOOOD. Its a potatoe omlet but how ever they make it its soo delicious. Well, that leads to today so i don´t know what else to tell you. Oh, I´m the MTC pianist. So i´m practicing a lot.
I can call you on Sunday so if you can plan on 11:30 am your time I can call or if you want I can skype you. I´m pretty sure our home skype name is like Nally.Family.10 or something like that but if you could make sure and let me know what it is before then i´ll check on here Sunday and just be on your computer at 11:25 cuz i only have like a half hour. alright i can´t really think of anything else so ill talk to you later
Elder Nally
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