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FINALLY in Spain!! (Week Three)

April 28, 2011
mi familia, mi familia,
muchas cosas decir sobre España. So I got to talk to all of you but Tanner on Tuesday. I guess that´s his fault for not coming home, eh? New York had the funkiest (is that a word) weather going on while we were there. It was humid and hot when we got in the airport. But then we had to take a little bus to another terminal and it was cool and windy outside. But then we got back inside to where it was hot and humid but the sun was trying to decide if it wanted to be bright cuz it was overcast and then sunny and it just kept switching back and forth and back and forth untill right when we got on the plane. It got supper foggy so you couldn´t see ANYTHING we sat on the plane for two hours before we took off. I sat next to this nice lady from New York. She is persuing being a proffesional Opera singer and roomed with some people on the origional tour of Wicked. It was cool talking to her. Most people on the plane didn´t speak english so I got some good practice in. It was a long and grueling flight but they fed us and the seats were a little bigger than most planes ive been on so im not complaining. We landed here at 11 o´clock am which was 1 and a half hours late. Our MTC President and Hermano (Brother) Pickup (I thought that was fitting) came to PICK us UP from the airport. The MTC here is the top three floors of a building right next to the temple. It takes us about 15 seconds to walk there. So basically the 4th floor is the classes and sacrament meeting room, the 5th is our bedrooms, and the 6th is where we eat. So we got here and we started to unpack. I met my compañero Elder Rodríguez. We got lucky because 12 natives came at the same time as 7 N. Americans and 4 were already here so we all have native companions now. Me and my companion get along great and can communicate pretty well. Some others are struggling with communication but its going to be a huge blessing for us in learning the language. I don´t have a lot to tell you about him yet cuz i just met him but he seems really cool. We had lunch after that. Some Hermanas (sisters) in the stake here work in the comeria (eatery) upstairs. We are eating REAL LEGÍTIMO (LEGIT) COMIDA (FOOD) its soooo nice. and so far I love spanish food. even though its kinda different. They think that if your american that means you LOVE potatoes so we have patatas with every meal. EVERY MEAL. also they have this sauce here salsa de tomatas (tomatoe sauce) but its a little different. its more runny and less tomatoey its kind of bland and looks like arby´s sauce but they put that on a lot of stuff too. they cook thier meat a little differently here but we essentially ate hamburgers with salsa de tomatas on it. but it was way better than it sounds cuz thier meat was really juicy and well cooked. we had spanish ham and potatoes last night. and every meal we have a bunch of things in the fridge we can take. I don´t know exactly whay all of it is but some of it is kind of like custard in a yogurt looking container. thier pudding/hot chocolate is the same thing. if its hot is hot chocolate if its cold its pudding and its runnier than pudding but thicker than hot chocolate. SOOOOO GOOD!!! they eat frog skin here. I don´t know if thats what its actually called but its a kind of melon. I like it. but its a wierd bland melony flavor. IDK ill have more to say after 3 meals but its cool cuz its all so different from what we eat and drink. all thier juices and leche (milk) come in large boxes instead of jugs.
Anyway. we got to go to bed after dinner last night because we had been up for 38 hours or something like that 40 42 im not really sure cuz of the time changing but we are for sure 8 hous ahead of you. We (americans) are in a different class than our comps cuz they already speak spanish. thier only here for three weeks. our teachers are hermana suarez and hermano lopez both madrid natives. Our Mission President here is Presidente Earl he reminds me a lot of Daddy Warbucks from Annie. So yes, he is bald. I´m going to find out if he knows about 2 Kings 2:23-24 JaJaJa (pronounces ha ha ha en español)
I woke up at 3 this morning so im not quite used to the time change yet. They say in a couple days I should be ok. Today is our P-Day Dia de Preparación
We went to the temple this morning. It´s my new favorite temple. Sooo pretty inside and out. Today we are supposed to be taking some pictures. I think President Earl is planning on emailing them to you. if not i will do it next week. So Madrid is so beautiful. We are going into town today. Just cuz. They want us to start learning the culture and interacting with people. Saturday we actually go street contacting in the Park. Thát should be interesting. There is a lot of grafitti everywhere. If you imagine a basketball court with a 3 foot brickwall and chainlink fence around it. and the walls are covered in graffiti. something like you would see in a movie. This rundown little court has two small goals on it and we go there to play soccer everyday. Its like a dream come true. And they didn´t expect me to be so good at soccer but i scored a few goals and they were impressed with that. its funny some little 12 year old native boy will come play with us and they´re supper good. Madrid played Barcelona last night and thank goodness Barcelona won because we would not have been able to sleep if they did. Apparently I´m rooting for Madrid tho. That´s what i´m told anyway. They made me decide what team before they even asked my name. Futból is religion here.
Ya so basically, I love this place and I´m super stoked for my next 6 weeks here. Here´s my address and then I´ll explain it cuz it kind of looks confusing
I´m supper excited for this place I´ll have a lot more to tell you next week
Oh, and I have a lot more time to email you. hence the longer email.
K I love you all! Have a great week
Elder Nally
YAY SPAIN!! Look on the side bar for his current address. It’s kinda weird so be careful to write it correctly.
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