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Week Two

April 21, 2011
Querido la familia Nally,
How are you guys doing? I’m doing great! I’m healthy and I’m soooo tired from how hard I am working to learn to teach people in Spanish. But some how I manage to get through these long days. I know it is from the faith and prayers of you all that i am blessed with la fuerza de Dios (strength of God).
Its been a pretty crazy week here. Time finally started being a blur. I can not believe that I’m leaving in 5 days. We’ve been working on our “investigators” a lot. we teach the lessons in spanish already. I can not believe that i’m able to do this but i am following the spirit and words come out of my mouth. To answer mom’s questions I did recieve the cinnamon rolls! thank you so much! I knew that I had a package waiting for me on Thursday but I hadn’t recieved it till after I emailed you. thankyou! I actually havn’t been getting anything in the mail. I wish I had people addresses so I could write people but untill they write me I won’t have a great way of sending letters. I have seen Aunt Kay and Uncle Lonny a lot actually. Fairly frequently I’ll see them in the cafeteria and eat lunch with them or swing by thier offices. Uncle Lonny brought me and Elder Gibson to his office last night and made a “completely approved legal phone call” to Grandpa. It was so funny because he started talking to him casually and then told him President Brown (our mission president of the mtc was here) i continued to pretend I was president brown for a few minutes but he seemed so tickled when he found out it was really me. I told him to pass on a few messages.
Well this week nothing too out of the ordinary occured. Elder Gibson is healing up really fast. hes walking on it normally now so that was a miracle we witnessed. We sent out one of the districts in our zone into the field this week. It’s wierd to be the next ones leaving. Although we still have six weeks in the Spain MTC. (CCM in español) This week I’ve really been focusing on 100 percent dilligent studies as well as becoming more charitable. I’ve learned so much in just two short weeks. Tuesday night we had the pleasure of hearing from Elder Richard G. Scott. What a cool experience that was. He gave us all “Virtual hugs” similar to what Elder Ballard did in our stake conference. One of the coolest things was he put forth his hand and with apostolic authority blessed us with the gift of tongues. everyone describes the same feeling of a tingly warmth climing our bodies and into our minds. We have seen such a difference in our speaking abilities in the last two days. Elder Gibson is finally getting over his struggle with the language and people keep telling us that we are teaching like 9 weekers. Imagine thier shock when we tell them were only “twosies” I don’t mind the compliments but in all honesty I feel so far behind from where I need to be. Please pray for me to be blessed in my studies. I try my best and can only hope that God will do the rest. I’m excited to go to Spain. I hear the MTC there is so cool.
I’m gonna mail home some pictures I printed out and I need to buy a couple books in the store here so Dad if you could make sure my balance is up to 100 before I leave that would be awesome.
You should all know that next tuesday from about 11 to 3 your time. I will be in JFK airport and there is no policy mtc or mission about calling home from the airport. So I can call you all and talk for a little while while I’m there. Mom and Brynlee and maybe Dad might be the only ones I can talk to but here’s your heads up to expect a phone call. we leave at 5 in the morning here and get there at 9:30 the next day. There is an 8 hour time difference between spain and AZ.
I love you guys so much and I will write a little more in my letter I mail home. Write me letters so im not the only missionary without mail 🙂
Elder Nally
Vos Amo
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