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Week One

April 17, 2011

We received an email from Trevor on Thursday! Here are some of the things he said:

Wednesday was a long day. I got here around 11 30 which was early for my arrival time so a nice senior missionary couple took us into a room and started telling us stuff about the MTC we had lunch and then started to get the tour. There are three main places we go in the day. Classroom is to study and learn. were there almost all day. the cafeteria where we eat obviously and our dorm. luckily my classroom dorm and cafeteria are in the three farthest corners of the MTC campus so i can get a lot of excercise. My companion is Elder Gibson. He is from……..MESA AZ surprise huh? i was excited to meet him. He is 6’2” and has a goofy smile that reminds me of John Hancock cuz he squints his eyes. We get a long GREAT he has a good sense of humor and a great personality. He’s struggling with the language a little bit but he likes being with me cuz i know more than most did coming here. Tuesday we were playing Volleyball in gym and he fell on his ankle and sprained it really bad. I gave him a blessing with the help of our two other roomates. He is healing very quickly and it is quite miraculous to witness the power of God in action. But for the last few days i have had to babysit him a little. he has to ice every few hours which takes us from our schedule a lot but we should be back on track soon.
Our district is amazing there’s 8 of us and only me and Elder Gibson (gimpson) as we call him now are going to spain. the rest are going to El Salvador. 4 are going to Eric’s mission and our roomates are going to the other mission in El Salvador. Elder’s Bashum and Wossom. (awesome names right?) are our room mates. and Elder’s Brown, Rochette, Murdock, and Orcutt are the other’s I’ll send you pictures next week. We all get along great and love and teach eachother lots. Yo me gusta nos distrito mucho (I like our district a lot)
The language is coming great! I’ve truly been given the gift of tongues. By day 2 I was bearing my testimony in spanish and I havn’t said an english prayer since! AND WE PRAY A LOTTT!!!!
A couple of you have asked about my schedule. We do sooo much in a day. Everyone says days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. It is so true. now that we have a week done we keep saying “what happened?” but for that first week we thought we had already been here for months. We wake at 6 (which is a half hour before were asked to) and go to bed at 10 30. in that time we eat three meals have about 3 to 8 hours of class depending on the day. an hour of gym time. Tanner, you should know me and mi compañero beast it up in volleyball every day. except Elder Gibson just injured himself. We also have Devotionals on Tuesday nights and Firesides on Sunday nights. Elder Rasband came to speak to us on tuesday. that was amazing. you should all look up his talk from april ’10 conference. if you don’t remember who he is you will! That was way cool. I sing in the MTC choir and today my district will be trying out for a musical number. we sing a capella and we harmonize like angels. NO EXAGERATION. its the coolest thing and everyones heard about our district. Uncle Loney and I had lunch the other day and he committed me to bring them in to try out.
We got our Visas on the First full day. I can not esplain in words what a miracle this is! there are soooo many elders who have to stay here or go to other missions because they wait for visas. Me and Elder Gibson get our travel plans today which is like solidifiing that you are leaving. our est day of dep is the 26th. Ill keep you posted.
We also have a lot of study time which I use diligently to study Español.
I´m out of time but I will write you a letter today with more info!
I love you all soooo much and
Yo sé que vive, mi Señor!
Elder Nally
So exciting, huh?! 😀
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  1. Karen Wellman permalink
    April 19, 2011 9:23 am

    Wonderful! Makes me happy.

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