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At the Beginning

April 6, 2011
It’s one of those bitter sweet changes in life.
* * *
Elder Nally left for the Utah MTC today, where he will be for 3 weeks until shipping off to the Spain MTC. Though we are sad to have him leave, we recognize the importance of the next two years of Trevor’s life. Like so many missionaries before and after him, we know Trevor will serve the Lord diligently and give his whole heart to this wondrous work of God. It is only the beginning, and one of the hardest parts, but it was worth every second of heartache as we watched him walk through that airport with a huge, bright smile. He has prepared for this moment for nineteen years; it has finally come, and he is ready and excited. Several other families were sending off their own missionaries, and it was comforting…and distracting.
What an example these boys are to all of us–sharing their testimonies with people throughout the world. They are witnesses of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the example Trevor has been to me and our family; his excitement for missionary work and sharing the gospel has never faltered. He has shown us that listening to the Holy Ghost and opening our mouths is a power beyond our comprehension. And the Lord can work in mysterious ways.
* * *
The past week has been hard as I’ve thought about the memories our ten family members will not make, the extended family parties Trevor will not attend, the upcoming superhero movies he will not see, or the days he will not have a glass of milk late in the evening. In the past forty-eight hours, I’ve realized none of that matters. Want to know something way cool? Families are eternal. Superhero movies are not. I am grateful for God’s eternal plan. It puts everything in perspective.
We will miss him, and he may miss all those things, but he has an irreplaceable experience ahead of him. “How great shall be [his] joy if [he] shall bring many souls unto [the Lord]” (Doctrine & Covenants 18:16)…What event could be happier and more joyous?
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