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All Good Things Come to an End.

March 20, 2013

Here we are, at the last stretch. Literally, a few hours worth of the last stretch. We did get one final email from Elder Nally (one that I have yet to receive), but it was short and simple. He said that he is working hard until the very last moment of his mission. It sounded like one of the baptisms happened last week, and we are so excited for both Trevor and the sister. It’s so exciting being here in Spain and so close to Elder Nally. We are so very proud of Trevor and the missionary he is and has always been. What a great example of hard work and dedication as a missionary and as a disciple of the Lord. Although we are sure that it will be somewhat difficult to leave the wonderful people of Spain, and to leave the rewarding life of a full time missionary, we are not at all complaining about having Trevor back with us. He has so many other great and important things ahead in his life. Thanks for all those who sent letters and packages, or simply asked how Elder Nally was doing. The love and support is very much appreciated. Well, Elder Nally, you served hard and well, and now it is time to come home! We love you and will see you so very soon!



March 20, 2013
Hey all,

This week was the wettest of my mission. i dont know if you remember that i bought new shoes towards the beggining of february. well your gonna laugh when you see them. We had a really hard week with all of the rain. apart from that there was lots of wind. needless to say ALL of my clothing is wet. Well we will be using the members dryer for a little while today.
Apart from that all is looking good with the baptisms. we will have 2 or 3 on sunday. we are still waiting on the permisision of sandra but jorge and almudena are going well. we took all three of them to stake conference yesterday. the coolest part was without even thinking about it i found myself with the whole branch of algeciras there. as well as Read more…

Not Trunky (Week 93)

March 20, 2013
Hey family.

Thats super fun that you got to meet Elder Manning. I cant call him anything other than that yet. Its wierd to think he´s nate again. Well Thanks for the photos.
This week has been a great week. We taught a ton 23 lessons and 11 to investigators with member present. It was tiring but we feel super uplifted and joyful for the many great lessons and messages that we were able to share with others this week. Almudena and Jorge are doing great. We might just throw in another surprise baptism there with sandra. a while ago she set her own baptismal date for the same day and she really wants to do it so she is going to take a permission Read more…

Quite the Honor (Week 92)

March 20, 2013

Hello Family!

Its been another great yet busy week here in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Its been Rainy here all week. ALL week. Finally things are starting to clear up but we have been wet and cold. On Monday I was sick. We had a pretty boring pday cuz i slept alot since i wasnt feeling well. I cut my hair. And we cleaned. and that was about it. Then on thursday we went to sevilla becuase on friday morning we had a conference with President Deere. He taught us some of the same things that they taught us in the Trainers Training and we also talked about prayer. It was a great meeting and then we had interviews with president mine lasted 3 minutes because we were going to miss our train. President even tried to drive me and my companion to the station but we still missed it. so we didnt end up getting back untill late friday night. We had lots of time out of the area this week for that but its ok. This weekend we worked super hard and now have 2 awesome investigators who are hopefully going to be baptized before i leave.

Time Flies! (Week 91)

February 19, 2013

Hey Family.

Another week has gone by and I just can´t believe Im sitting here again. I have 5 more weeks.  5 weeks from tomorrow I will leave my last area and head into fuengirola. Its pretty insane and Im definately feeling the push and the energy to take advandtage of every last minute. I want to see at least one more baptism before i come home. If not i just might have to extend…….

Planting Seeds (Week 90)

February 19, 2013


Thats super cool. My Teacher in the MTC served there. I am so excited for you Kaitlyn.
All is well here. We had a super week. Funest part was definately going to Malaga and hearing from Elder Teixera. He spoke a lot about living our purpose or rather being faithful repentant and following the spirit. It was super cool to hear from a gerneral authority. He is so full of the spirit when he teaches. I loved every minute of it. He also taught us how to become better at asking for references and how we could find a lot more through our investigators.

Training Hard…Or Training IS Hard (Week 89)

February 19, 2013

Hello Family,

Thanks for the emails. All is well here in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. I can´t beleive how fast the weeks are going we are entering week six of the transfer cycle which means i only have 7 weeks. CRAZY I have to take advantage of every last minute. Well Happy Birthday Dad and Brogan. You and Mom all have letters in the mail coming that i have been writing you on your birthdays. I finally got them off today. I am excited to hear where Kaitlyn is going. My companion guesses Chile and the other missionaries in my district all guessed Spain Málaga Mission. Ha ha wishful thinking. So There you go. Let me know next week.